A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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The "core" module contains: More...

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 The ns-3 attribute system is the mechanism used in ns-3 to organize, document, and modify the values used by the various component models.
 Wrap functions, objects, and arguments into self contained callbacks.
 Command Line Parsing
 A uniform way to specify program documentation, allowed command line arguments and help strings, and set any attribute or global value, all from the command line directly.
 Debugging tools
 Assertions, breakpoints, logging, and abnormal program termination.
 Fatal Error Handlers
 Functions to help clean up when a fatal error is encountered.
 Hash Functions
 Generic Hash function interface.
 High Precision Q64.64
 Functions and class for high precision Q64.64 fixed point arithmetic.
 Base classes which provides memory management and object aggregation.
 Random Variables
 ns-3 random numbers are provided via instances of ns3::RandomVariableStream.
 Scheduler and Events
 Manage the event list by creating and scheduling events.
 Control the virtual time and the execution of simulation events.
 Smart Pointer
 Heap memory management.
 Tools to define and execute unit tests.
 Publish/subscribe tools to collect and report changes to any values used by the various model components.


 Configuration of simulation parameters and tracing.


class  ns3::Time
 Simulation virtual time values and global simulation resolution. More...
class  ns3::Timer
 a simple Timer class More...
class  ns3::Watchdog
 a very simple watchdog More...

Detailed Description

The "core" module contains: