A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::olsr::anonymous_namespace{olsr-routing-protocol.cc} Namespace Reference


void CoverTwoHopNeighbors (Ipv4Address neighborMainAddr, TwoHopNeighborSet &N2)
 Remove all covered 2-hop neighbors from N2 set. More...

Function Documentation

void ns3::olsr::anonymous_namespace{olsr-routing-protocol.cc}::CoverTwoHopNeighbors ( Ipv4Address  neighborMainAddr,
TwoHopNeighborSet &  N2 

Remove all covered 2-hop neighbors from N2 set.

This is a helper function used by MprComputation algorithm.

Definition at line 538 of file olsr-routing-protocol.cc.

Referenced by ns3::olsr::RoutingProtocol::MprComputation().

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