A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::PacketTagList::TagData Struct Reference

Tree node for sharing serialized tags. More...

#include <packet-tag-list.h>

+ Collaboration diagram for ns3::PacketTagList::TagData:

Public Types

enum  TagData_e { MAX_SIZE = 20 }
 Packet Tag maximum size. More...

Public Attributes

uint32_t count
 Number of incoming links. More...
uint8_t data [MAX_SIZE]
 Serialization buffer. More...
struct TagDatanext
 Pointer to next in list. More...
TypeId tid
 Type of the tag serialized into data. More...

Detailed Description

Tree node for sharing serialized tags.

See PacketTagList for a discussion of the data structure.

See TagData::TagData_e for a discussion of the size limit on tag serialization.

Definition at line 140 of file packet-tag-list.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Packet Tag maximum size.

The maximum size (in bytes) of a Tag is stored in this constant.

Ideally, TagData would be 32 bytes in size, so they require no padding on 64-bit architectures. (The architecture affects the size because of the next pointer.) This would leave 18 bytes for data. However, ns3:Ipv6PacketInfoTag needs 19 bytes! The current implementation allows 20 bytes, which gives TagData a size of 30 bytes on 32-byte machines (which gets padded with 2 bytes), and 34 bytes on 64-bit machines, which gets padded to 40 bytes.

Size of serialization buffer data.

Definition at line 159 of file packet-tag-list.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t ns3::PacketTagList::TagData::data[MAX_SIZE]
TypeId ns3::PacketTagList::TagData::tid

Type of the tag serialized into data.

Definition at line 166 of file packet-tag-list.h.

Referenced by ns3::PacketTagList::Add(), ns3::PacketTagList::COWTraverse(), and ns3::PacketTagList::ReplaceWriter().

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