A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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2 * Copyright (c) 2020 Orange Labs
3 *
4 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
5 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
6 * published by the Free Software Foundation;
7 *
8 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
9 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
11 * GNU General Public License for more details.
12 *
13 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
14 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
15 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
16 *
17 * Authors: Rediet <getachew.redieteab@orange.com>
18 * S├ębastien Deronne <sebastien.deronne@gmail.com> (for logic ported from wifi-phy and
19 * spectrum-wifi-phy) Mathieu Lacage <mathieu.lacage@sophia.inria.fr> (for logic ported from
20 * wifi-phy)
21 */
23#ifndef PHY_ENTITY_H
24#define PHY_ENTITY_H
26#include "wifi-mpdu-type.h"
27#include "wifi-phy-band.h"
28#include "wifi-ppdu.h"
29#include "wifi-tx-vector.h"
31#include "ns3/event-id.h"
32#include "ns3/nstime.h"
33#include "ns3/simple-ref-count.h"
34#include "ns3/wifi-spectrum-value-helper.h"
36#include <list>
37#include <map>
38#include <optional>
39#include <tuple>
40#include <utility>
51namespace ns3
57 double signal;
58 double noise;
71 double snr;
72 double rssi;
78typedef std::map<WifiSpectrumBand, double> RxPowerWattPerChannelBand;
80class WifiPsdu;
81class WifiPhy;
83class Event;
85class WifiPsdu;
86class WifiPpdu;
96class PhyEntity : public SimpleRefCount<PhyEntity>
98 public:
103 {
104 DROP = 0,
107 };
113 {
114 bool isSuccess{true};
117 DROP};
125 : isSuccess(s)
126 {
127 }
137 : isSuccess(s),
138 reason(r),
140 {
141 }
142 };
147 struct SnrPer
148 {
149 double snr{0.0};
150 double per{1.0};
156 {
157 }
165 SnrPer(double s, double p)
166 : snr(s),
167 per(p)
168 {
169 }
170 };
175 virtual ~PhyEntity();
182 void SetOwner(Ptr<WifiPhy> wifiPhy);
191 virtual bool IsModeSupported(WifiMode mode) const;
195 virtual uint8_t GetNumModes() const;
205 virtual WifiMode GetMcs(uint8_t index) const;
215 virtual bool IsMcsSupported(uint8_t index) const;
222 virtual bool HandlesMcsModes() const;
232 virtual WifiMode GetSigMode(WifiPpduField field, const WifiTxVector& txVector) const;
239 std::list<WifiMode>::const_iterator begin() const;
245 std::list<WifiMode>::const_iterator end() const;
254 WifiPpduField GetNextField(WifiPpduField currentField, WifiPreamble preamble) const;
265 virtual Time GetDuration(WifiPpduField field, const WifiTxVector& txVector) const;
291 const WifiTxVector& txVector,
292 WifiPhyBand band,
293 MpduType mpdutype,
294 bool incFlag,
295 uint32_t& totalAmpduSize,
296 double& totalAmpduNumSymbols,
297 uint16_t staId) const = 0;
309 const WifiTxVector& txVector) const;
316 virtual uint32_t GetMaxPsduSize() const = 0;
322 typedef std::pair<std::pair<Time /* start */, Time /* stop */>, WifiMode> PhyHeaderChunkInfo;
327 typedef std::map<WifiPpduField, PhyHeaderChunkInfo> PhyHeaderSections;
339 PhyHeaderSections GetPhyHeaderSections(const WifiTxVector& txVector, Time ppduStart) const;
350 virtual Ptr<WifiPpdu> BuildPpdu(const WifiConstPsduMap& psdus,
351 const WifiTxVector& txVector,
352 Time ppduDuration);
361 Time GetDurationUpToField(WifiPpduField field, const WifiTxVector& txVector) const;
390 RxPowerWattPerChannelBand& rxPowersW,
391 Time rxDuration);
404 void StartReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr<Event> event);
416 void EndReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr<Event> event);
423 void EndReceivePayload(Ptr<Event> event);
430 void ResetReceive(Ptr<Event> event);
435 virtual void CancelAllEvents();
439 bool NoEndPreambleDetectionEvents() const;
445 void CancelRunningEndPreambleDetectionEvents(bool clear = false);
454 virtual uint16_t GetStaId(const Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu) const;
465 virtual bool CanStartRx(Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu, uint16_t txChannelWidth) const;
473 virtual void SwitchMaybeToCcaBusy(const Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu);
481 virtual void NotifyCcaBusy(const Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu,
482 Time duration,
483 WifiChannelListType channelType);
491 virtual void StartTx(Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu);
504 void Transmit(Time txDuration,
506 double txPowerDbm,
507 Ptr<SpectrumValue> txPowerSpectrum,
508 const std::string& type);
518 const WifiTxVector& txVector,
519 WifiPhyBand band) const;
528 virtual double GetCcaThreshold(const Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu,
529 WifiChannelListType channelType) const;
549 virtual uint64_t ObtainNextUid(const WifiTxVector& txVector);
551 protected:
556 typedef std::map<WifiPreamble, std::vector<WifiPpduField>> PpduFormats;
561 typedef std::pair<WifiCodeRate, uint16_t> CodeRateConstellationSizePair;
566 typedef std::map<std::string, CodeRateConstellationSizePair> ModulationLookupTable;
573 virtual const PpduFormats& GetPpduFormats() const = 0;
583 virtual bool DoStartReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr<Event> event);
652 virtual void DoResetReceive(Ptr<Event> event);
669 virtual bool IsConfigSupported(Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu) const;
688 void ErasePreambleEvent(Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu, Time rxDuration);
702 std::pair<bool, SignalNoiseDbm> GetReceptionStatus(Ptr<const WifiPsdu> psdu,
703 Ptr<Event> event,
704 uint16_t staId,
705 Time relativeMpduStart,
706 Time mpduDuration);
716 void EndOfMpdu(Ptr<Event> event,
718 size_t mpduIndex,
719 Time relativeStart,
720 Time mpduDuration);
727 void ScheduleEndOfMpdus(Ptr<Event> event);
738 virtual void RxPayloadSucceeded(Ptr<const WifiPsdu> psdu,
739 RxSignalInfo rxSignalInfo,
740 const WifiTxVector& txVector,
741 uint16_t staId,
742 const std::vector<bool>& statusPerMpdu);
750 virtual void RxPayloadFailed(Ptr<const WifiPsdu> psdu,
751 double snr,
752 const WifiTxVector& txVector);
760 virtual void DoEndReceivePayload(Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu);
769 virtual std::pair<uint16_t, WifiSpectrumBand> GetChannelWidthAndBand(
770 const WifiTxVector& txVector,
771 uint16_t staId) const;
786 double GetRandomValue() const;
803 double GetRxPowerWForPpdu(Ptr<Event> event) const;
817 const std::map<std::pair<uint64_t, WifiPreamble>, Ptr<Event>>& GetCurrentPreambleEvents() const;
824 void AddPreambleEvent(Ptr<Event> event);
833 const WifiTxVector& txVector,
834 Time duration,
836 bool isStartOfdmaRxing = false);
850 void NotifyInterferenceRxEndAndClear(bool reset);
861 Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu) const = 0;
871 uint16_t GetCenterFrequencyForChannelWidth(const WifiTxVector& txVector) const;
879 void NotifyPayloadBegin(const WifiTxVector& txVector, const Time& payloadDuration);
892 WifiSpectrumBand GetPrimaryBand(uint16_t bandWidth) const;
902 WifiSpectrumBand GetSecondaryBand(uint16_t bandWidth) const;
910 virtual uint16_t GetMeasurementChannelWidth(const Ptr<const WifiPpdu> ppdu) const = 0;
918 virtual uint16_t GetRxChannelWidth(const WifiTxVector& txVector) const;
928 Time GetDelayUntilCcaEnd(double thresholdDbm, WifiSpectrumBand band);
937 uint16_t GetGuardBandwidth(uint16_t currentChannelWidth) const;
946 std::tuple<double, double, double> GetTxMaskRejectionParams() const;
949 std::optional<std::pair<Time, WifiChannelListType>>;
967 std::list<WifiMode> m_modeList;
969 std::vector<EventId> m_endPreambleDetectionEvents;
970 std::vector<EventId> m_endOfMpduEvents;
972 std::vector<EventId>
978 typedef std::pair<uint64_t /* UID */, uint16_t /* STA-ID */> UidStaIdPair;
980 std::map<UidStaIdPair, std::vector<bool>>
983 std::map<UidStaIdPair, SignalNoiseDbm>
987 static uint64_t m_globalPpduUid;
988}; // class PhyEntity
997std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const PhyEntity::PhyRxFailureAction& action);
1005std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const PhyEntity::PhyFieldRxStatus& status);
1007} // namespace ns3
1009#endif /* PHY_ENTITY_H */
handles interference calculations
handles interference calculations
Abstract class for PHY entities.
Definition: phy-entity.h:97
void NotifyPayloadBegin(const WifiTxVector &txVector, const Time &payloadDuration)
Fire the trace indicating that the PHY is starting to receive the payload of a PPDU.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1276
void DropPreambleEvent(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, WifiPhyRxfailureReason reason, Time endRx)
Drop the PPDU and the corresponding preamble detection event, but keep CCA busy state after the compl...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:527
std::list< WifiMode >::const_iterator end() const
Return a const iterator to past-the-last WifiMode.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:144
virtual void RxPayloadSucceeded(Ptr< const WifiPsdu > psdu, RxSignalInfo rxSignalInfo, const WifiTxVector &txVector, uint16_t staId, const std::vector< bool > &statusPerMpdu)
Perform amendment-specific actions when the payload is successfully received.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:754
virtual PhyFieldRxStatus DoEndReceivePreamble(Ptr< Event > event)
End receiving the preamble, perform amendment-specific actions, and provide the status of the recepti...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:900
Ptr< WifiPhyStateHelper > m_state
Pointer to WifiPhyStateHelper of the WifiPhy (to make it reachable for child classes)
Definition: phy-entity.h:964
virtual void RxPayloadFailed(Ptr< const WifiPsdu > psdu, double snr, const WifiTxVector &txVector)
Perform amendment-specific actions when the payload is unsuccessfuly received.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:766
void EndPreambleDetectionPeriod(Ptr< Event > event)
End the preamble detection period.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:924
virtual void NotifyCcaBusy(const Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, Time duration, WifiChannelListType channelType)
Notify PHY state helper to switch to CCA busy state,.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1250
virtual Ptr< WifiPpdu > BuildPpdu(const WifiConstPsduMap &psdus, const WifiTxVector &txVector, Time ppduDuration)
Build amendment-specific PPDU.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:242
virtual Time GetDuration(WifiPpduField field, const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Get the duration of the PPDU field (or group of fields) used by this entity for the given transmissio...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:190
std::tuple< double, double, double > GetTxMaskRejectionParams() const
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1324
virtual uint64_t ObtainNextUid(const WifiTxVector &txVector)
Obtain the next UID for the PPDU to transmit.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1260
virtual Time DoStartReceivePayload(Ptr< Event > event)
Start receiving the PSDU (i.e.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:584
virtual bool CanStartRx(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, uint16_t txChannelWidth) const
Determine whether the PHY shall issue a PHY-RXSTART.indication primitive in response to a given PPDU.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1340
virtual void StartReceivePreamble(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, RxPowerWattPerChannelBand &rxPowersW, Time rxDuration)
Start receiving the PHY preamble of a PPDU (i.e.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:399
virtual Time GetPayloadDuration(uint32_t size, const WifiTxVector &txVector, WifiPhyBand band, MpduType mpdutype, bool incFlag, uint32_t &totalAmpduSize, double &totalAmpduNumSymbols, uint16_t staId) const =0
Ptr< Event > CreateInterferenceEvent(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, const WifiTxVector &txVector, Time duration, RxPowerWattPerChannelBand &rxPower, bool isStartOfdmaRxing=false)
Create an event using WifiPhy's InterferenceHelper class.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:867
bool NoEndPreambleDetectionEvents() const
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1090
virtual bool HandlesMcsModes() const
Check if the WifiModes handled by this PHY are MCSs.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:132
std::pair< WifiCodeRate, uint16_t > CodeRateConstellationSizePair
A pair to hold modulation information: code rate and constellation size.
Definition: phy-entity.h:561
const std::map< std::pair< uint64_t, WifiPreamble >, Ptr< Event > > & GetCurrentPreambleEvents() const
Get the map of current preamble events (stored in WifiPhy).
Definition: phy-entity.cc:837
std::map< UidStaIdPair, SignalNoiseDbm > m_signalNoiseMap
Map of the latest signal power and noise power in dBm (noise power includes the noise figure)
Definition: phy-entity.h:984
Ptr< WifiPhy > m_wifiPhy
Pointer to the owning WifiPhy.
Definition: phy-entity.h:963
void Transmit(Time txDuration, Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, double txPowerDbm, Ptr< SpectrumValue > txPowerSpectrum, const std::string &type)
This function prepares most of the WifiSpectrumSignalParameters parameters and invokes SpectrumWifiPh...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1292
WifiSpectrumBand GetSecondaryBand(uint16_t bandWidth) const
If the channel bonding is used, return the start band index and the stop band index for the secondary...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1185
std::map< std::string, CodeRateConstellationSizePair > ModulationLookupTable
A modulation lookup table using unique name of modulation as key.
Definition: phy-entity.h:566
virtual Ptr< SpectrumValue > GetTxPowerSpectralDensity(double txPowerW, Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu) const =0
std::pair< std::pair< Time, Time >, WifiMode > PhyHeaderChunkInfo
A pair containing information on the PHY header chunk, namely the start and stop times of the chunk a...
Definition: phy-entity.h:322
std::vector< EventId > m_endOfMpduEvents
the end of MPDU events (only used for A-MPDUs)
Definition: phy-entity.h:970
virtual uint16_t GetMeasurementChannelWidth(const Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu) const =0
Return the channel width used to measure the RSSI.
virtual std::pair< uint16_t, WifiSpectrumBand > GetChannelWidthAndBand(const WifiTxVector &txVector, uint16_t staId) const
Get the channel width and band to use (will be overloaded by child classes).
Definition: phy-entity.cc:830
virtual ~PhyEntity()
Destructor for PHY entity.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:81
virtual double GetCcaThreshold(const Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, WifiChannelListType channelType) const
Return the CCA threshold in dBm for a given channel type.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1199
virtual const PpduFormats & GetPpduFormats() const =0
Return the PPDU formats of the PHY.
virtual uint8_t GetNumModes() const
Definition: phy-entity.cc:110
virtual bool DoStartReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr< Event > event)
Start receiving a given field, perform amendment-specific actions, and signify if it is supported.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:368
void SetOwner(Ptr< WifiPhy > wifiPhy)
Set the WifiPhy owning this PHY entity.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:89
std::list< WifiMode >::const_iterator begin() const
Return a const iterator to the first WifiMode.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:138
virtual void CancelAllEvents()
Cancel and clear all running events.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1069
virtual uint32_t GetMaxPsduSize() const =0
Get the maximum PSDU size in bytes.
virtual void DoAbortCurrentReception(WifiPhyRxfailureReason reason)
Perform amendment-specific actions before aborting the current reception.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1121
void AbortCurrentReception(WifiPhyRxfailureReason reason)
Abort the current reception.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1113
void EndReceivePayload(Ptr< Event > event)
The last symbol of the PPDU has arrived.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:705
std::map< WifiPreamble, std::vector< WifiPpduField > > PpduFormats
A map of PPDU field elements per preamble type.
Definition: phy-entity.h:556
static uint64_t m_globalPpduUid
Global counter of the PPDU UID.
Definition: phy-entity.h:987
PhyHeaderSections GetPhyHeaderSections(const WifiTxVector &txVector, Time ppduStart) const
Return a map of PHY header chunk information per PPDU field.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:223
virtual bool IsMcsSupported(uint8_t index) const
Check if the WifiMode corresponding to the given MCS index is supported.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:124
void StartReceivePayload(Ptr< Event > event)
Start receiving the PSDU (i.e.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:574
std::vector< EventId > m_endRxPayloadEvents
the end of receive events (only one unless UL MU reception)
Definition: phy-entity.h:973
virtual void DoResetReceive(Ptr< Event > event)
Perform amendment-specific actions before resetting PHY at the end of the PPDU under reception after ...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1149
void EndReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr< Event > event)
End receiving a given field.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:308
virtual Ptr< Event > DoGetEvent(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, RxPowerWattPerChannelBand &rxPowersW)
Get the event corresponding to the incoming PPDU.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:852
virtual WifiMode GetSigMode(WifiPpduField field, const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Get the WifiMode for the SIG field specified by the PPDU field.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:150
WifiPpduField GetNextField(WifiPpduField currentField, WifiPreamble preamble) const
Return the field following the provided one.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:159
std::map< WifiPpduField, PhyHeaderChunkInfo > PhyHeaderSections
A map of PhyHeaderChunkInfo elements per PPDU field.
Definition: phy-entity.h:327
double GetRxPowerWForPpdu(Ptr< Event > event) const
Obtain the received power (W) for a given band.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1162
virtual void SwitchMaybeToCcaBusy(const Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu)
Check if PHY state should move to CCA busy state based on current state of interference tracker.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1212
Time CalculatePhyPreambleAndHeaderDuration(const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Definition: phy-entity.cc:200
void NotifyInterferenceRxEndAndClear(bool reset)
Notify WifiPhy's InterferenceHelper of the end of the reception, clear maps and end of MPDU event,...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:883
void StartPreambleDetectionPeriod(Ptr< Event > event)
Start the preamble detection period.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:910
Time GetDurationUpToField(WifiPpduField field, const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Get the duration of the PPDU up to (but excluding) the given field.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:254
std::map< UidStaIdPair, std::vector< bool > > m_statusPerMpduMap
Map of the current reception status per MPDU that is filled in as long as MPDUs are being processed b...
Definition: phy-entity.h:981
virtual void StartTx(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu)
This function is called by SpectrumWifiPhy to send the PPDU while performing amendment-specific actio...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1282
virtual uint16_t GetRxChannelWidth(const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Return the channel width used in the reception spectrum model.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1193
Time GetDelayUntilCcaEnd(double thresholdDbm, WifiSpectrumBand band)
Return the delay until CCA busy is ended for a given sensitivity threshold (in dBm) and a given band.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1206
void CancelRunningEndPreambleDetectionEvents(bool clear=false)
Cancel and eventually clear all end preamble detection events.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1096
Time GetRemainingDurationAfterField(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, WifiPpduField field) const
Get the remaining duration of the PPDU after the end of the given field.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:360
virtual uint16_t GetStaId(const Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu) const
Return the STA ID that has been assigned to the station this PHY belongs to.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:568
virtual Time CalculateTxDuration(WifiConstPsduMap psduMap, const WifiTxVector &txVector, WifiPhyBand band) const
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1330
void StartReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr< Event > event)
Start receiving a given field.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:281
uint16_t GetGuardBandwidth(uint16_t currentChannelWidth) const
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1318
virtual bool IsModeSupported(WifiMode mode) const
Check if the WifiMode is supported.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:97
void ResetReceive(Ptr< Event > event)
Reset PHY at the end of the PPDU under reception after it has failed the PHY header.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1135
std::optional< std::pair< Time, WifiChannelListType > > CcaIndication
CCA end time and its corresponding channel list type (can be std::nullopt if IDLE)
Definition: phy-entity.h:951
virtual CcaIndication GetCcaIndication(const Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu)
Get CCA end time and its corresponding channel list type when a new signal has been received by the P...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1235
std::list< WifiMode > m_modeList
the list of supported modes
Definition: phy-entity.h:967
std::pair< uint64_t, uint16_t > UidStaIdPair
A pair of a UID and STA_ID.
Definition: phy-entity.h:978
Ptr< const Event > GetCurrentEvent() const
Get the pointer to the current event (stored in WifiPhy).
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1168
double GetRandomValue() const
Obtain a random value from the WifiPhy's generator.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1156
std::vector< EventId > m_endPreambleDetectionEvents
the end of preamble detection events
Definition: phy-entity.h:969
virtual Ptr< const WifiPsdu > GetAddressedPsduInPpdu(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu) const
Get the PSDU addressed to that PHY in a PPDU (useful for MU PPDU).
Definition: phy-entity.cc:217
SnrPer GetPhyHeaderSnrPer(WifiPpduField field, Ptr< Event > event) const
Obtain the SNR and PER of the PPDU field from the WifiPhy's InterferenceHelper class.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:270
void ErasePreambleEvent(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu, Time rxDuration)
Erase the event corresponding to the PPDU from the list of preamble events, but consider it as noise ...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:546
virtual Ptr< const WifiPpdu > GetRxPpduFromTxPpdu(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu)
The WifiPpdu from the TX PHY is received by each RX PHY attached to the same channel.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1364
virtual WifiMode GetMcs(uint8_t index) const
Get the WifiMode corresponding to the given MCS index.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:116
void AddPreambleEvent(Ptr< Event > event)
Add an entry to the map of current preamble events (stored in WifiPhy).
Definition: phy-entity.cc:843
virtual void DoEndReceivePayload(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu)
Perform amendment-specific actions at the end of the reception of the payload.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:774
uint16_t GetCenterFrequencyForChannelWidth(const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Get the center frequency of the channel corresponding the current TxVector rather than that of the su...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1267
virtual WifiConstPsduMap GetWifiConstPsduMap(Ptr< const WifiPsdu > psdu, const WifiTxVector &txVector) const
Get a WifiConstPsduMap from a PSDU and the TXVECTOR to use to send the PSDU.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:211
virtual bool IsConfigSupported(Ptr< const WifiPpdu > ppdu) const
Checks if the signaled configuration (excluding bandwidth) is supported by the PHY.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1056
WifiSpectrumBand GetPrimaryBand(uint16_t bandWidth) const
If the operating channel width is a multiple of 20 MHz, return the start band index and the stop band...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:1174
Action to perform in case of RX failure.
Definition: phy-entity.h:103
drop PPDU and set CCA_BUSY
Definition: phy-entity.h:104
ignore the reception
Definition: phy-entity.h:106
abort reception of PPDU
Definition: phy-entity.h:105
void UpdateInterferenceEvent(Ptr< Event > event, const RxPowerWattPerChannelBand &rxPower)
Update an event in WifiPhy's InterferenceHelper class.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:877
std::pair< bool, SignalNoiseDbm > GetReceptionStatus(Ptr< const WifiPsdu > psdu, Ptr< Event > event, uint16_t staId, Time relativeMpduStart, Time mpduDuration)
Get the reception status for the provided MPDU and notify.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:786
void EndOfMpdu(Ptr< Event > event, Ptr< const WifiPsdu > psdu, size_t mpduIndex, Time relativeStart, Time mpduDuration)
The last symbol of an MPDU in an A-MPDU has arrived.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:668
virtual PhyFieldRxStatus DoEndReceiveField(WifiPpduField field, Ptr< Event > event)
End receiving a given field, perform amendment-specific actions, and provide the status of the recept...
Definition: phy-entity.cc:387
void ScheduleEndOfMpdus(Ptr< Event > event)
Schedule end of MPDUs events.
Definition: phy-entity.cc:606
Smart pointer class similar to boost::intrusive_ptr.
Definition: ptr.h:78
A template-based reference counting class.
Simulation virtual time values and global simulation resolution.
Definition: nstime.h:105
represent a single transmission mode
Definition: wifi-mode.h:50
802.11 PHY layer model
Definition: wifi-phy.h:53
This objects implements the PHY state machine of the Wifi device.
WifiPpdu stores a preamble, a modulation class, PHY headers and a PSDU.
Definition: wifi-ppdu.h:56
WifiPsdu stores an MPDU, S-MPDU or A-MPDU, by keeping header(s) and payload(s) separate for each cons...
Definition: wifi-psdu.h:43
This class mimics the TXVECTOR which is to be passed to the PHY in order to define the parameters whi...
Enumeration of the possible reception failure reasons.
The type of preamble to be used by an IEEE 802.11 transmission.
Identifies the PHY band.
Definition: wifi-phy-band.h:33
Enumeration of the possible channel-list parameter elements defined in Table 8-5 of IEEE 802....
The type of PPDU field (grouped for convenience)
The type of an MPDU.
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
std::unordered_map< uint16_t, Ptr< const WifiPsdu > > WifiConstPsduMap
Map of const PSDUs indexed by STA-ID.
std::pair< uint32_t, uint32_t > WifiSpectrumBand
typedef for a pair of start and stop sub-band indexes
std::ostream & operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Angles &a)
Definition: angles.cc:129
std::map< WifiSpectrumBand, double > RxPowerWattPerChannelBand
A map of the received power (Watts) for each band.
Definition: phy-entity.h:78
MpduInfo structure.
Definition: phy-entity.h:63
MpduType type
type of MPDU
Definition: phy-entity.h:64
uint32_t mpduRefNumber
MPDU ref number.
Definition: phy-entity.h:65
Status of the reception of the PPDU field.
Definition: phy-entity.h:113
WifiPhyRxfailureReason reason
failure reason
Definition: phy-entity.h:115
PhyRxFailureAction actionIfFailure
action to perform in case of failure
Definition: phy-entity.h:116
PhyFieldRxStatus(bool s, WifiPhyRxfailureReason r, PhyRxFailureAction a)
Definition: phy-entity.h:136
PhyFieldRxStatus(bool s)
Constructor setting outcome of reception.
Definition: phy-entity.h:124
bool isSuccess
outcome (true if success) of the reception
Definition: phy-entity.h:114
A struct for both SNR and PER.
Definition: phy-entity.h:148
SnrPer(double s, double p)
Constructor for SnrPer.
Definition: phy-entity.h:165
double snr
SNR in linear scale.
Definition: phy-entity.h:149
Default constructor.
Definition: phy-entity.h:155
RxSignalInfo structure containing info on the received signal.
Definition: phy-entity.h:70
double rssi
RSSI in dBm.
Definition: phy-entity.h:72
double snr
SNR in linear scale.
Definition: phy-entity.h:71
SignalNoiseDbm structure.
Definition: phy-entity.h:56
double noise
noise power in dBm
Definition: phy-entity.h:58
double signal
signal strength in dBm
Definition: phy-entity.h:57
Declaration of ns3::WifiPpdu class and ns3::WifiConstPsduMap.