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This is the wiki page for the ns-3 training sessions to be held on 17-18 June, 2019 in Florence. For a list of all past training sessions, see Training.


Training will be held from 09:00-18:00. Please plan to arrive 15-30 minutes beforehand so we may start at 09:00.

There will be two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions, and lunch provided (lunch break from 12:30-14:00).

See the flyer for more agenda information:

Slides will be posted here as they become available.


Registration must be made at this site:

Local Information

Local information is available on this page:

Supplementary training videos

Please see the older training videos linked from this page.

  • 2016 session on large-scale, distributed simulations with ns-3 (instructor: Peter Barnes); (slides, video)
  • 2014 ns-3 tracing tutorial from Walid Younes: (slides, video)