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Project overview

  • Project name: Framework for TCP Prague simulations in ns-3
  • Abstract: Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the research community (IRTF / IETF) towards parallely implementing and standardising a new TCP extension called TCP Prague, which is targeted to be an evolution of Data Center TCP (DCTCP). DCTCP starves the throughput of other TCP flows (e.g., Reno, Cubic, etc) when they co-exist; so one of the goals is to ensure that TCP Prague can co-exist with other TCP flows without degrading their throughput. Although TCP Prague is still a work in progress, some related modules have been finalised and briefly experimented, such as: the Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable throughput (L4S) service architecture, DualQ Coupled AQM, Modified ECN Semantics for Ultra Low Queuing Delay. Availability of these modules in network simulators like ns-3 is crucial to boost up the ongoing efforts of standardising TCP Prague. In this project, the aim is to implement the above mentioned modules in ns-3. Additionally, the functionality of these modules will be tested, and the necessary documentation with some examples will also be provided.

  • Code: Link to be provided
  • Documentation: Link to be provided
  • About me: I have completed my BTech. in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal, India. I will be pursuing MS in Networks at CMU from August, 2017 . I have been working in ns-3 for the past 2 years. I have worked on "ECN Support for ns-3 queue discs" during ns-3 Summer of Code, 2016 and "AQM Evaluation Suite for ns-3" as Bachelor's thesis.

Technical Approach

Milestones and Deliverables