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This wiki complements the main ns-3 web site. It is powered by MediaWiki.

Account Policy: Due to spam problems, we have disabled the ability to create new accounts and to edit/move pages without moderator approval; our experience on the ns-2 wiki with Mediawiki captchas has been ineffective. If you would like to edit this wiki, please email [1] with your username and we will enable it for write privileges. Note: ns-2 has a separate wiki, at

Upcoming Releases

  • ns-3.17 is scheduled for mid-April, 2013.

Upcoming Events

A full week of ns-3 activities is planned for the south of France, 4-8 March 2013.

A large amount of logistic information is provided here. Please note that you must separately register for each event, as can be found on the links above.

Recent Events

Current ns-3-dev Build and Test Results

We use the Jenkins continuous integration (CI) tool to regularly test our development tree.

Next Level

See our community portal.