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This page summarizes the release planning for ns-3.21. The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

The release manager is Tom Henderson.

Release schedule

ns-3.21 is planned for September 17, 2014. New feature code should be ready for merge by no later than 5 September.

Release candidates

The first release candidate (rc1) was posted on Sept. 13. While this is considered to be nearly final and complete, the following minor issues are being addressed:

  • platform-specific (OS X) issue with one of the LTE tests
  • need more robust way for including fd-net-device module in LTE wscript (for FreeBSD)
  • formatting the new CoDel chapter in the model library documentation
  • add some documentation to the ns-3 tutorial regarding Simulator::Stop()
  • rescan bindings

A second release candidate is planned for Mon. Sept 15.


ns-3.21 will be packaged as a source tarball as before: ns-allinone-3.21.tar.bz2.

The tarball will contain:

  • Latest version of pybindgen
  • Latest version of netanim
  • ns-3.21
  • bake

where bake is used to fetch optional ns-3 components, including DCE.

A patch from ns-3.20 to ns-3.21 will also be posted.

Release platforms

We usually try to keep pace with the latest popular versions of Linux, OS X, and FreeBSD. For the ns-3.21 release, we plan to support the following systems and compilers:

  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks with Xcode 5.1
  • Ubuntu 14.04 (gcc-4.8)
  • Fedora 20 (gcc-4.8)
  • Debian 7 (gcc-4.9)
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (gcc-4.4)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (gcc-4.6)
  • Centos 6.4 (gcc-4.4)
  • FreeBSD 9.3 (clang 3.3)

New features

Pending new features:


Software maintenance issues

Bugs or issues in ns-3 core

Also Possible

Documentation improvements

  • improve documentation on linking ns-3 with other libraries (Tom Henderson)
    • Deferring to ns-3.22
  • Wifi documentation patch from Sebastien Deronne (Daniel L) merged
  • Fix tutorial first.cc and documentation to explicitly call out the need for StopApplication() (Tommaso and/or Tom) Merged (documentation only)