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This page summarizes the release planning for ns-3.22. The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

How you can help

The release manager is Tom Henderson. Please contact him if you would like to participate in any way in preparing the ns-3.22 release.

If you are interested in testing a particular feature that is planned for ns-3.22, see the section on this page for testing repos.

If you are interested in helping with a code review of a specific feature that you'd like to see in ns-3.22, please leave your comments on the code review pertaining to the feature of interest.

If you are interested to see that a specific bug be fixed, please email ns-developers mailing list, or the release manager. You will probably be asked to help with creating a patch or testing an existing patch for that bug, if so.

Release goals

1) make a major dent in the bug tracker. Can we clean out most issues on our actively maintained modules, including closing out feature requests for which we do not have anyone working on them?

2) continue the transition to a more modular build system. While a major change to the build system is not planned for ns-3.22, one goal is to start to allow modules outside the core of ns-3 to be maintained in separate places, and integrated using the 'bake' tool (rather than merge everything into ns-3-dev).

3) merge (into ns-3-dev or to a bake-enabled repository) as many new features as we can get ready, including all remaining features from 2013 and 2014 GSOC and SOCIS projects, and 2014 summer projects

Release and development schedule

ns-3.22 is planned for early February 2015. An initial release candidate is available for testing:


ns-3.22 will be packaged as a source tarball as before: ns-allinone-3.22.tar.bz2.

The tarball will contain:

  • Latest version of pybindgen
  • Latest version of netanim
  • ns-3.22
  • bake

where bake is used to fetch optional ns-3 components, including DCE.

A patch from ns-3.21 to ns-3.22 will also be posted.

Whether ns-3.22 is prepared in other packaging (e.g. Debian) would require a volunteer to prepare this.

Whether ns-3.22 will be distributed also as a Docker container would require a volunteer to prepare this.

Release platforms

We usually try to keep pace with the latest popular versions of Linux, OS X, and FreeBSD. For the ns-3.22 release, we plan to support the following systems and compilers:

  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite with latest Xcode
  • Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 (gcc-4.8, 4.9)
  • Fedora 20 and 21 (gcc-4.8, 4.9)
  • Debian 7 (gcc-4.9)
  • FreeBSD 10.1 (clang 3)
  • CentOS 6.6 (gcc-4.4.7)
  • some legacy platforms (to be determined); likely older Ubuntu LTS and CentOS systems, and OS X 10.9

Testing repos

Some repositories, based on a recent copy of ns-3-dev, are available for testing specific features. Note: the below two features have slipped to ns-3.23.

Mobility Service Interface

Tiago Cerqueria has posted some code that uses Google Maps and Directions API to fetch waypoints for the ns-3 waypoint mobility model, corresponding to real-world routes provided by the service. There is a testing repository available for this code (the patchset in https://codereview.appspot.com/176430044/ is too large to download from Rietveld). To test, one must obtain an API key from Google, as described in the code review issue. One must also have installed GeographicLib, xerces-cpp, libcurl, and libdl.

hg clone http://code.nsnam.org/ns-3-dev
cd ns-3-dev/src
hg clone http://code.nsnam.org/tomh/mobility-service-interface
cd mobility-service-interface
mkdir conf
# copy your API key to this conf directory as described here https://codereview.appspot.com/176430044/
cd ../../
./waf configure ...

CSMA full duplex

There was a previous code review issue on a switched ethernet device, which gradually led to an alternative proposal to extend the existing CSMA model (half-duplex) to full duplex. There is now a separate code review issue for this patch. The following repo is being kept in sync with the codereview issue.

hg clone http://code.nsnam.org/tomh/ns-3-dev-csmafd

New features

No further features are planned. Check the release notes for a list of changes found in ns-3.22.