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= Revised schedule =
= Revised schedule =
The revised schedule is as follows:
The revised (again) schedule is as follows:
* August 1:  Merge any remaining new features
* August 15-16:  Merge any remaining new features
* August 8:  Code freeze
* August 22:  Code freeze
* Approx. August 11:  Release
* soon thereafter, make release
= Remaining new features =
= Remaining new features =

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This page summarizes the release planning for ns-3.26 (originally planned for June 2016; rescheduled to early August 2016). The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

This page has been recently revised and some original goals for ns-3.26 have slipped to a new ns-3.27 page.

Revised schedule

The revised (again) schedule is as follows:

  • August 15-16: Merge any remaining new features
  • August 22: Code freeze
  • soon thereafter, make release

Remaining new features

Maintainers are working on finalizing the following new features:


traffic-control module

Stefano Avallone (stavallo@unina.it) is leading ns-3.26 development for traffic control, and has the following remaining goals:

  • Add support for Byte Queue Limits (see bug 2428)
  • Add support for fq-codel (see bug 2430)

ns-3 core


TCP SACK (https://codereview.appspot.com/299130043/) is proposed to be held for merging to ns-3-dev after ns-3.26 is released.

Bug fixing

These will be largely handled in the bug tracker and we will handle as many as possible in the time remaining.

ns-3 core

For ns-3.26, only maintenance on core (dealing with bug reports/open issues) is planned.

Tom Henderson would like to finish off:

  • Attribute/TraceSource deprecation (bugs 2149 and 2344)
  • refactor chi-squared tests for random number generation (bug 1927)
  • Matt's test.py contributions (bug 2291)
  • bug 2086 on attribute accessibility
  • bug 1962 on random variable stream GetStream() returning -1
  • bug 1939 on aggregating same object to two nodes Merged
  • bug 1604 on Config::GetDefault

Peter Barnes intends to continue working on:

  • Bug 938 - missing Doxygen in ns-3
  • Bug 1764 - can't compile without pthread
  • Bug 1972 - CommandLine duplicate argument handling

network module

There are a large number of patches pending on the Packet classes. This proposal was made recently on ns-developers:

  • we apply the patch in bug 2308 (LTE) if the LTE maintainers approve it Update: Patch to 2308 was applied, but issues were later found and the bug is reopened
  • we apply the patch in bug 2069 (fix size of m_used variable)
  • we open a 'feature request/PATCH WANTED' for removal of ByteTags
  • we study the implications of the expansion of tag size recently (bug 2361) and either update documentation or change the code
  • we add a 'best current practice' note to the documentation, on tag usage, as suggested by Tommaso. (perhaps modifying this section:

In addition, the following maintenance/bugs should be dealt with:

  • bug 2415: PacketMetadata Class Locks up Example
  • bug 2407: Packet Metadata bad state with small packet size
  • bug 2253: Alexander Krotov reported a bug: https://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2253
  • bug 2221: Packet tag size increased by 1 byte recently due to a Wi-Fi requirement; what should we do about this? is the previous 20 byte limit sacred?
  • bug 2198: proposed const addition
  • bug 2078: Tommaso found problems in metadata usage
  • bug 2102: another metadata bug reported
  • bug 1643: this has lingered with a patch for a while
  • bug 1535: this Packet::AddAtEnd() in TCP is still around; the TCP buffers still use this
  • bug 1407: packet header printing disabled

TCP models

Open tracker issues

  • 2263: Support processing multiple TCP options in 1 header
  • 2122: decouple TcpTxBuffer variables
  • 2264: Possibility to setup Initial Sequence Number
  • 1529: randomize TCP initial sequence number
  • 2285: loss of TCP 3-way handshake calls receive callback to fire
  • 1167: TCP socket deferring CLOSE forever
  • 2133: In TCP close procedure, assert fail when receive in FIN_WAIT_2
  • 2278: in TcpSocketBase, need to advance NextTxSequence
  • 2256: TCPTxBuffer should be able to tell BytesInFlight
  • 2220: RAM usage reduction through reduction of retx events
  • 2214: TCP ScheduleNow for data transfer
  • 1783: experiencing drops during FastRec causes Tcp cw to blow up

lte module

Manuel Ricardo is handling bug 2308 (how tags are used).

Other LTE bug responses needed for below:

  • 2339: PUSCH transmit power scaled incorrectly
  • 2282: Resources from UDP flows not realized
  • 2277: EpcTftClassifier::Classify blindly assumes L4 header
  • 2172: Out-of-bounds array access
  • 2161: Error in removing a bearer in epc-mme class
  • 2152: Uplink HARQ retransmissions out of synch at MAC layer
  • 2151: Redundancy version in uplink HARQ not generated properly
  • 2140: TraceFadingLossModel could use a wrong value
  • 2113: LTE RLC AM: all status reports indicate no more than one NACK
  • 2107: PCAP printing for S1U and X2
  • 2091: Race condition in LteUePhy::GenerateCqiRsrpRsrq
  • 2048: PfFfMacScheduler assigns dlinfo even if no resources available
  • 1861: Problem when send UDP packet size between 1473-1478 bytes
  • 1840: SINR->CQI->MCS conversion in the UL
  • 1515: REM shows increased SINR when co-located eNBs have same EARFCN
  • 1460: LTE-EPC/RPM different SINR values
  • 1438: lena-simple-epc with AM mode

wifi module

Tom Henderson would like to accomplish the following:

  • resolve bug 2369 on immediate access vs backoff
  • EDCA open bugs (2222)

current wifi issue list: https://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?component=wifi&product=ns-3&query_format=advanced&resolution=---

lr-wpan module

  • 2088 SetMcpsDataIndicationCallback stops UDP data
  • 2033 IFS are not currently implemented
  • 1934 CCA interrupted by incoming packet
  • 1933 CCA mode should be configurable
  • 1924 sensing radius and CCA
  • 1879 LR-WPAN association primitive
  • 1809 lr-wpan features needed

internet module

- 2209 ICMP message forwarding not based in incoming interface - 2180 is possible to register same route multiple times - 2102 global routing and bridging is reopened - 2064 UDP socket GetMtu() needed - 2057 ARP and NDISC caches should be updated by L4 - 1984 expose additional random variables to configuration system

bug 2057, 2102 is considered to be high priority

applications module

  • 2178 add Rx trace source to UdpEchoServer
  • 2111 add receiver timestamp to SeqTsHeader (we seem to have agreed to make a new header?)
  • 2106 add SetSocket API
  • 1977 v4ping verbose output when not explicitly stopped
  • 1899 add sequence number header (possibly related to 2111?)

uan module

  • 2007 SetRxThresholdDb is marked deprecated but is used by the model