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This page summarizes the release planning for ns-3.26 (originally planned for June 2016; rescheduled to early September 2016). The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

This page has been recently revised and some original goals for ns-3.26 have slipped to a new ns-3.27 page.

Revised schedule

The revised (again) schedule is as follows:

  • code freeze during week of September 5
  • release shortly afterwards

Remaining issues being worked for ns-3.26

  • aodv: merge patch to 2123 (Tommaso)
  • applications: merge patch to 2474 (Stefano)
  • core: merge patch to 2459 (Peter)
  • core: merge DES metrics patch (Peter)
  • core: resolve attribute errors/attribute spaces/attribute deprecation (issues 2447, 2344, 2149) (Tom and Peter)
  • internet: global routing and bridging bug 2102 reopened (Tom)
  • network: investigate recent packet metadata bugs (2407, 2415), fix if solution found shortly (Tom)
  • mobility: check and merge patch to 2390 (on waypoint mobility (Tom)
  • wifi: merge patch to 2306 and update AODV regression traces (Tom)
  • wifi: investigate DCF assert bug 2477; will fix if solution found shortly (Tom)