Accepted Papers

Proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library.

  • Mark Claypool, Jae Chung, and Feng Li.  BBR' – An Implementation of Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip Time Congestion Control for ns-3
  • Amina Sljivo, Dwight Kerkhove, Ingrid Moerman, Eli De Poorter, and Jeroen Hoebeke. InteractiveWeb Visualizer for IEEE 802.11ah ns-3 Module
  • Biljana Bojovic, Sandra Lagen, and Lorenza Giupponi.  Implementation and Evaluation of Frequency Division Multiplexing of Numerologies for 5G New Radio in ns-3
  • (Awarded Best Paper) Le Tian, Amina Šljivo, Serena Santi, Eli De Poorter, Jeroen Hoebeke, and Jeroen Famaey.  Extension of the IEEE 802.11ah ns-3 Simulation Module
  • Justin Rohrer and Andrew Mauldin. Implementation of Epidemic Routing with IP Convergence Layer in ns-3
  • Peter Kourzanov.  Live Network Simulation in Julia – Design and Implementation of LiveSim.jl
  • Tommaso Zugno, Michele Polese, and Michele Zorzi.  Integration of Carrier Aggregation and Dual Connectivity for the ns-3 mmWave Module
  • Viyom Mittal, Vivek Jain, and Mohit Tahiliani.  Proportional Rate Reduction for ns-3 TCP
  • Vivek Jain, Viyom Mittal, and Mohit Tahiliani.  Design and Implementation of TCP BBR in ns-3
  • Helder Fontes, Rui Campos, and Manuel Ricardo.  Improving the ns-3 TraceBasedPropagationLossModel to Support Multiple Access Wireless Scenarios
  • Brecht Reynders, Qing Wang, and Sofie Pollin.  A LoRaWAN Module for ns-3: Implementation and Evaluation