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This is a list of open issues in the existing ns-3 Internet stack and routing protocols (primarily src/internet-stack and src/routing directories) with some rough estimates of the priority for fixing them, starting with ns-3.7 release.

Main open issues

These are some of the bigger open issues that need resolved, listed in rough order of priority:

  • IPv6 needs UDP and TCP support. There was some discussion about a year ago regarding this, and then again this past summer. This is the most recent post related to this. It is an open issue whether TCP and UDP can be refactored enough to run on IPv6.
  • Routing protocols for IPv6-- there are none presently other than manually entered static routes.
  • native ns-3 TCP (the GTNetS port) has some open issues regarding the closing state machine; Josh Pelkey and George Riley are working this for ns-3.7.
  • I believe that Sebastien Vincent is working presently on IPv6 Extension Headers
  • IPv4 multicast code needs some work and some tests added.

Other open issues

  • various bugs (waiting for Bugzilla to come back on line to add these)