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This page summarizes the ongoing release planning for ns-3.14. Tom Henderson and Tommaso Pecorella will be managing the release. The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

Release schedule

# Wed Apr 4 -- new feature freeze, enter bug fixing stage <- considering to slip this to include additional features

  1. Wed Apr 18 -- code freeze on ns-3-dev
  2. Wed Apr 25 -- ns-3.14 released

Here are the proposed new dates:

  1. Fri Apr 27 -- new feature freeze
  2. Wed May 9 -- code freeze on ns-3-dev
  3. Wed May 16 -- ns-3.14 released

Slipping again due to readiness to merge LTE:

Here are the proposed new dates:

  1. Fri May 11 -- new feature freeze
  2. Wed May 23 -- code freeze on ns-3-dev
  3. Wed May 30 -- ns-3.14 released
  4. Tue Jun 5 -- ns-3.14 released

Supported platforms

  • Fedora 16, 17
  • Ubuntu 11.10, 12.04
  • OS X Snow Leopard and Lion
  • FreeBSD 8.2
  • Cygwin (TBD)


  • traditional ns-allinone-3.14.tar.bz2 packaging

new feature reviews

Completed for ns-3.14

  • RED queues, mailing list post -> merged to ns-3-dev and is being kept there for now so as to not disturb the repository, but requires some relicensing of original BSD-licensed source before we should release it. This is expected to be done by 13 April.
  • LTE, buildings, and antenna models: several review requests are here
    • Antenna patch requires resolution of comments in the Rietveld issue tracker
    • LTE merge is blocked by resolution of this issue
    • Buildings merge is being refactored for 1) the separation of pathloss models, and 2) the re-use of position allocators for the buildings allocator
  • Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) -> author is responding to some final comments
  • netanim (added to download.py). Proposed patch here

Bugs being worked