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This page summarizes the release planning for ns-3.24 (early September 2015). The ns-3 release process is listed here and here.

Note: ns-3.24 was released on September 15; this page is left around for future reference.

Release goals

1) Python 3 support for at least the basic waf and test.py operations; see the Python3 page.

2) continue the transition to a more modular build system. While a change away from the Waf build system is not planned for ns-3.24, one goal is to start to allow modules outside the core of ns-3 to be maintained in separate places, and integrated using the 'bake' tool (rather than merge everything into ns-3-dev).

  • A proposal can be found at ns-3.22-build Slipping to future release

3) finally try to implement Object Start/Stop; Vedran is working on a patch slipping to future release

4) Add new features as they become ready. In particular, finish inclusion of previous summer project code, including SOCIS 2013 and 2014 code (Bundle Protocol, TCP satellite extensions), Google Summer of Code (MLDv2, AQM queues FqCoDel and SfqCoDel), and 2014 mentored projects (Mobility Service Interface, and Python 3 support). slipping to future release

Release and development schedule

  • A new feature release, ns-3.24, is planned for September 15, 2015.
    • Release candidate available: As of September 14, a new (second) release candidate for ns-3.24 is available for testing.

Feature and patch review status

This table is meant to put review items for merge to ns-3-dev on a schedule. Maintainers of a module can commit changes as they see fit (i.e. without going through review for everything), but for proposals that seek or need a review, we should try to allow a default of 1 week review time before the release manager or a maintainer commits the change.

Features or patches under review
Contribution Module Review deadline Status Link
Collectors for data collection stats June 25 Budi's comments must be resolved and updated patch posted as a next step (slipping to future release) http://codereview.appspot.com/245260043
WiFi propagation frequency wifi July 1 Sebastien is reworking based on comments (slipping to future release) https://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2122
deprecate attributes and trace sources core July 9TBD still under discussion in the tracker (slipping to future release) https://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2149

The following additional bug fixes will slip to next release:


ns-3.24 will be packaged as a source tarball as before: ns-allinone-3.24.tar.bz2.

A patch from ns-3.23 to ns-3.24 will also be posted.

Release platforms

The latest OS X with Xcode, Fedora Linux, and Ubuntu Linux releases, along with some long term stable Linux releases such as CentOS 6.6 and Ubuntu 12.04/14.04.