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Errata against ns-3.25 release

With Python enabled, python version 3.5 or greater, the Python bindings will not compile without an error such as:

 src/fd-net-device/bindings/ns3module.cc:2078:1: error: invalid conversion from ‘cmpfunc {aka void*}’ to ‘PyAsyncMethods*’ [-fpermissive]

The problem is described more fully here: https://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2395

This problem has been observed on Archlinux and Ubuntu 16.04 release.

To workaround, choose one of the following options:

1) disable python if not needed:

 ./waf configure --disable-python ...

2) On Ubuntu 16.04, download python and python-dev to obtain python2 version

 sudo apt-get install python python-dev

On Ubuntu 16.04, this will cause python2 to be invoked when the user types 'python'.

3) run a python2 virtualenv (if python3 is still selected by default) or run the waf commands through python2; e.g.:

 python2 ./waf configure ...
 python2 ./waf build

4) manually patch your pybindgen according to this patch