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Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Events

  • None announced

Recent Events

  • August 16: A minor release, ns-3.28.1, was published.
  • May 14-August 14: Google Summer of Code projects.
    • WenYing Dai, "Implementation of AccECN and ECN++ in ns-3"
    • Muhammad Iqbal CR, "Merging and Improvement of LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence Module"
    • Sourabh Jain, "Direct Code Execution upgrade"
    • Davide Magrin, "A simulation execution manager for ns-3"
    • Jude Niroshan, "Trust-based routing protocols framework"
  • June 11-15: The annual Workshop on ns-3 and annual meeting of the ns-3 Consortium was held at NITK Surathkal, India.
  • March 22: A new feature release, ns-3.28, was published.