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About Raj

Raj Bhattacharjea is a full time developer of ns-3 in the employ of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here is me when I finished undergrad not so many years ago:


Current Tasks, in rough order of priority

Release Process for ns-3.4


Random Tasks, lower priority

  • Cleanup TcpSocketImpl::Recv code (its ugly and inefficient)
  • Use ns-3-simu to debug TCP
    • process microhttpd<->simulator "native" TCP<->tap net device<->real linux<->real firefox
    • replacing simulator "native" TCP from above with NSC works, but above setup doesn't, indicating bugs
  • Help Michelle with random variable API changes
  • have Bugzilla auto update when a hg changeset references a tracked bug [1]
  • GTNetS Ports
    • Other TCP variants
    • VoIP Applications
    • BGP

Completed Tasks

July 2008

  • tcp-star-server example added
  • tcp-errors example checked in. Subsequently removed.
  • Cleaned up some TCP doxygen.
  • Evensky test case added as a regression test and announced to list. Subsequently removed.
  • Make PacketSink multitasking for TCP (closed bug 244)
  • Fix TcpSocketImpl rx buffer logic (closed bug 248)

August 2008

  • Add two unit TCP unit tests, one for a transfer, one for finite buffers.
  • Make TypeId(const char * name) explicit (closed bug 281)
  • Use scheduler to call up the stack in SimpleNetDevice (closed bug 287)
  • Refactor OnOff so Start doesn't immediate close the socket (closed bug 259)
  • Attended SIGCOMM, participated in giving the ns3 demo

September 2008

  • Fix TCP closedown FINs (closed bug 242)
  • Actually implemented TCP finite rx buffer (closed 239)
  • Extensively tested ns-3 in prep for the 3.2 release
    • filed bug 323 waf --valgrind doesn't check for valgrind first
    • filed bug 337 opt build fails in on Ubuntu 8.10
    • filed bug 343 utils/bench-packets is broken and asserts
    • filed bug 349 packet unit test fails on optimized build
    • filed bug 358 calling listen on non-closed TCP sockets sends resets, sh...
    • filed bug 359 *SocketImpl::Bind returns something other than -1
  • Helped Mathieu debug GTNetS TCP port for ns-3-simu use for his demo. End result was deciding that nsc is more mature at this point, but working through the issues identified some bugs, and got me a working simu setup to use for testing purposes.

October 2008

  • Debugged the new server code commit mailhook, Tom fixed the exim conf and ns-commits list issues, so now it works.
  • Resolved the hg-ssh script issue for code server main repository access control; problem was one of Mercurial python API changes ("import commands" to "import dispatch")
  • Scheduled day long downtime on October 15th to reset mysql password, backup and move code, bugzilla, and wiki onto new machine. Code move was successful, but ECE didn't do DNS change, so migration will have to be repeated. Bugzilla move was successful, new wiki bombed.
  • Uncoordinated DNS change from IT later that week forced a sloppy migration of, but the new server is up and operational.
  • ns3 tutorial for WNS2 was completed; copy of the document is here. Revision control version here (slightly stale)
  • Moved discussion of RandomVariable changes to the developers list
  • Bugs 311 and 340 closed
  • Migration of all services completed
  • Made RC1 and RC2 of ns-3.2.1

November 2008

  • Made RC3 of ns-3.2.1
  • craigdo applied my patch for bug 359
  • Made ns-3.2.1 release
  • Bugfixes

December 2008