ns-3 maintainers have responsibility and authority to oversee different portions of the codebase. Maintainers work with ns-3 contributors to marshal in patches or extensions to their respective modules. They also participate in timely code reviews, bug fixing, and respond to questions on mailing lists, pertaining to their respective modules.

Maintainers coordinate with other maintainers for patches that have larger scope than their particular module. Maintainers may also, in the future, help us with platform-specific issues (e.g., ns-3 Windows maintainer) or packaging.

If you would like to serve as an ns-3 maintainer, please first get involved in source code review and bug fixing of the parts of the simulator that you are interested in. The core maintenance team may then approach you at some point about possibly moving to a role of maintainer. We have several modules missing current/active maintainers (see below).

Our list of current and past maintainers is found here

The current ns-3 maintainers, by module or topic, include:

Module Person(s) Email
antenna None None
aodv None None
applications None None
bake build system Tom Henderson tomh@tomh.org
bridge None None
buildings Biljana Bojovic bbojovic@cttc.es
click None None
CMake build system Gabriel Ferreira gabrielcarvfer@gmail.com
config-store None None
core Peter Barnes barnes26@llnl.gov
csma None None
csma-layout None None
dsdv None None
dsr None None
energy None None
fd-net-device None None
flow-monitor Tommaso Pecorella tommaso.pecorella@unifi.it
internet (IP, ICMP, UDP) Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella@mac.com
internet (routing) Tom Henderson tomh@tomh.org
internet (TCP) Mohit Tahiliani and Vivek Jain tahiliani.nitk@gmail.com and jain.vivek.anand@gmail.com
internet-apps Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella@mac.com
lr-wpan Alberto Gallegos and Tommaso Pecorella alramonet@is.tokushima-u.ac.jp and tpecorella@mac.com
lte (RLC and above, core, EPC) Manuel Requena manuel.requena@cttc.es
lte (general) Biljana Bojovic and Alexander Krotov bbojovic@cttc.es and ilabdsf@gmail.com
mesh None None
mobility None None
mpi Peter Barnes barnes26@llnl.gov
netanim None None
network None None
nix-vector Ameya Deshpande ameyanrd@outlook.com
olsr None None
openflow None None
point-to-point None None
point-to-point-layout None None
propagation None None
sixlowpan Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella@mac.com
spectrum Biljana Bojovic bbojovic@cttc.es
stats None None
tap-bridge None None
test framework None None
tools None None
topology-read Tommaso Pecorella tommaso.pecorella@unifi.it
traffic-control Stefano Avallone and Mohit Tahiliani stavallo@unina.it and tahiliani.nitk@gmail.com
uan Federico Guerra fedwar@gmail.com
virtual-net-device None None
visualizer (pyviz) None None
wifi (lead) Sebastien Deronne sebastien.deronne@gmail.com
wifi (802.11ax aspects) Sebastien Deronne and Stefano Avallone sebastien.deronne@gmail.com and stavallo@unina.it
wifi (sleep/energy aspects) Stefano Avallone stavallo@unina.it
wimax None None
python bindings None None
tutorial Tom Henderson tomh@tomh.org
manuals Tom Henderson and Peter Barnes tomh@tomh.org and barnes26@llnl.gov
Doxygen Peter Barnes barnes26@llnl.gov
wiki Tom Henderson tomh@tomh.org
app store Abhijith Anilkumar abhijithabhayam@gmail.com
coding style and static analysis Eduardo Almeida enmsa@outlook.pt