A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1 /* -*- Mode:C++; c-file-style:"gnu"; indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
2 /*
3  * Copyright (c) 2007 Georgia Tech Research Corporation
4  * Copyright (c) 2010 Adrian Sai-wah Tam
5  *
6  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
8  * published by the Free Software Foundation;
9  *
10  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  * GNU General Public License for more details.
14  *
15  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
17  * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
18  *
19  * Author: Adrian Sai-wah Tam <adrian.sw.tam@gmail.com>
20  */
21 #ifndef TCP_SOCKET_BASE_H
22 #define TCP_SOCKET_BASE_H
24 #include <stdint.h>
25 #include <queue>
26 #include "ns3/traced-value.h"
27 #include "ns3/tcp-socket.h"
28 #include "ns3/ipv4-header.h"
29 #include "ns3/ipv6-header.h"
30 #include "ns3/timer.h"
31 #include "ns3/sequence-number.h"
32 #include "ns3/data-rate.h"
33 #include "ns3/node.h"
34 #include "ns3/tcp-socket-state.h"
36 namespace ns3 {
38 class Ipv4EndPoint;
39 class Ipv6EndPoint;
40 class Node;
41 class Packet;
42 class TcpL4Protocol;
43 class TcpHeader;
44 class TcpCongestionOps;
45 class TcpRecoveryOps;
46 class RttEstimator;
47 class TcpRxBuffer;
48 class TcpTxBuffer;
49 class TcpOption;
50 class Ipv4Interface;
51 class Ipv6Interface;
52 class TcpRateOps;
60 {
61 public:
68  RttHistory (SequenceNumber32 s, uint32_t c, Time t);
73  RttHistory (const RttHistory& h); // Copy constructor
74 public:
76  uint32_t count;
78  bool retx;
79 };
217 class TcpSocketBase : public TcpSocket
218 {
219 public:
225  static TypeId GetTypeId (void);
231  virtual TypeId GetInstanceTypeId () const;
237  friend class TcpGeneralTest;
242  TcpSocketBase (void);
249  TcpSocketBase (const TcpSocketBase& sock);
250  virtual ~TcpSocketBase (void);
252  // Set associated Node, TcpL4Protocol, RttEstimator to this socket
258  virtual void SetNode (Ptr<Node> node);
264  virtual void SetTcp (Ptr<TcpL4Protocol> tcp);
270  virtual void SetRtt (Ptr<RttEstimator> rtt);
276  void SetMinRto (Time minRto);
282  Time GetMinRto (void) const;
288  void SetClockGranularity (Time clockGranularity);
294  Time GetClockGranularity (void) const;
300  Ptr<TcpTxBuffer> GetTxBuffer (void) const;
306  Ptr<TcpRxBuffer> GetRxBuffer (void) const;
312  void SetRetxThresh (uint32_t retxThresh);
318  uint32_t GetRetxThresh (void) const { return m_retxThresh; }
375  void UpdatePacingRateTrace (DataRate oldValue, DataRate newValue);
382  void UpdateCwnd (uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue);
389  void UpdateCwndInfl (uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue);
396  void UpdateSsThresh (uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue);
412  TcpSocketState::EcnState_t newValue);
419  void UpdateHighTxMark (SequenceNumber32 oldValue, SequenceNumber32 newValue);
426  void UpdateNextTxSequence (SequenceNumber32 oldValue, SequenceNumber32 newValue);
433  void UpdateBytesInFlight (uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue);
440  void UpdateRtt (Time oldValue, Time newValue);
462  inline uint8_t MarkEcnEct0 (uint8_t tos) const
463  {
464  return ((tos & 0xfc) | 0x02);
465  }
473  inline uint8_t MarkEcnEct1 (uint8_t tos) const
474  {
475  return ((tos & 0xfc) | 0x01);
476  }
484  inline uint8_t MarkEcnCe (uint8_t tos) const
485  {
486  return ((tos & 0xfc) | 0x03);
487  }
495  inline uint8_t ClearEcnBits (uint8_t tos) const
496  {
497  return tos & 0xfc;
498  }
506  inline bool CheckNoEcn (uint8_t tos) const
507  {
508  return ((tos & 0x03) == 0x00);
509  }
517  inline bool CheckEcnEct0 (uint8_t tos) const
518  {
519  return ((tos & 0x03) == 0x02);
520  }
528  inline bool CheckEcnEct1 (uint8_t tos) const
529  {
530  return ((tos & 0x03) == 0x01);
531  }
539  inline bool CheckEcnCe (uint8_t tos) const
540  {
541  return ((tos & 0x03) == 0x03);
542  }
551  inline uint8_t MarkEcnCodePoint (const uint8_t tos, const TcpSocketState::EcnCodePoint_t codePoint) const
552  {
553  return ((tos & 0xfc) | codePoint);
554  }
561  void SetUseEcn (TcpSocketState::UseEcn_t useEcn);
567  void SetPacingStatus (bool pacing);
573  void SetPaceInitialWindow (bool paceWindow);
575  // Necessary implementations of null functions from ns3::Socket
576  virtual enum SocketErrno GetErrno (void) const; // returns m_errno
577  virtual enum SocketType GetSocketType (void) const; // returns socket type
578  virtual Ptr<Node> GetNode (void) const; // returns m_node
579  virtual int Bind (void); // Bind a socket by setting up endpoint in TcpL4Protocol
580  virtual int Bind6 (void); // Bind a socket by setting up endpoint in TcpL4Protocol
581  virtual int Bind (const Address &address); // ... endpoint of specific addr or port
582  virtual int Connect (const Address &address); // Setup endpoint and call ProcessAction() to connect
583  virtual int Listen (void); // Verify the socket is in a correct state and call ProcessAction() to listen
584  virtual int Close (void); // Close by app: Kill socket upon tx buffer emptied
585  virtual int ShutdownSend (void); // Assert the m_shutdownSend flag to prevent send to network
586  virtual int ShutdownRecv (void); // Assert the m_shutdownRecv flag to prevent forward to app
587  virtual int Send (Ptr<Packet> p, uint32_t flags); // Call by app to send data to network
588  virtual int SendTo (Ptr<Packet> p, uint32_t flags, const Address &toAddress); // Same as Send(), toAddress is insignificant
589  virtual Ptr<Packet> Recv (uint32_t maxSize, uint32_t flags); // Return a packet to be forwarded to app
590  virtual Ptr<Packet> RecvFrom (uint32_t maxSize, uint32_t flags, Address &fromAddress); // ... and write the remote address at fromAddress
591  virtual uint32_t GetTxAvailable (void) const; // Available Tx buffer size
592  virtual uint32_t GetRxAvailable (void) const; // Available-to-read data size, i.e. value of m_rxAvailable
593  virtual int GetSockName (Address &address) const; // Return local addr:port in address
594  virtual int GetPeerName (Address &address) const;
595  virtual void BindToNetDevice (Ptr<NetDevice> netdevice); // NetDevice with my m_endPoint
604  typedef void (* TcpTxRxTracedCallback)(const Ptr<const Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& header,
605  const Ptr<const TcpSocketBase> socket);
607 protected:
608  // Implementing ns3::TcpSocket -- Attribute get/set
609  // inherited, no need to doc
611  virtual void SetSndBufSize (uint32_t size);
612  virtual uint32_t GetSndBufSize (void) const;
613  virtual void SetRcvBufSize (uint32_t size);
614  virtual uint32_t GetRcvBufSize (void) const;
615  virtual void SetSegSize (uint32_t size);
616  virtual uint32_t GetSegSize (void) const;
617  virtual void SetInitialSSThresh (uint32_t threshold);
618  virtual uint32_t GetInitialSSThresh (void) const;
619  virtual void SetInitialCwnd (uint32_t cwnd);
620  virtual uint32_t GetInitialCwnd (void) const;
621  virtual void SetConnTimeout (Time timeout);
622  virtual Time GetConnTimeout (void) const;
623  virtual void SetSynRetries (uint32_t count);
624  virtual uint32_t GetSynRetries (void) const;
625  virtual void SetDataRetries (uint32_t retries);
626  virtual uint32_t GetDataRetries (void) const;
627  virtual void SetDelAckTimeout (Time timeout);
628  virtual Time GetDelAckTimeout (void) const;
629  virtual void SetDelAckMaxCount (uint32_t count);
630  virtual uint32_t GetDelAckMaxCount (void) const;
631  virtual void SetTcpNoDelay (bool noDelay);
632  virtual bool GetTcpNoDelay (void) const;
633  virtual void SetPersistTimeout (Time timeout);
634  virtual Time GetPersistTimeout (void) const;
635  virtual bool SetAllowBroadcast (bool allowBroadcast);
636  virtual bool GetAllowBroadcast (void) const;
640  // Helper functions: Connection set up
647  int SetupCallback (void);
654  int DoConnect (void);
659  void ConnectionSucceeded (void);
666  int SetupEndpoint (void);
673  int SetupEndpoint6 (void);
687  virtual void CompleteFork (Ptr<Packet> p, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader,
688  const Address& fromAddress, const Address& toAddress);
692  // Helper functions: Transfer operation
702  bool IsValidTcpSegment (const SequenceNumber32 seq, const uint32_t tcpHeaderSize,
703  const uint32_t tcpPayloadSize);
713  void ForwardUp (Ptr<Packet> packet, Ipv4Header header, uint16_t port, Ptr<Ipv4Interface> incomingInterface);
723  void ForwardUp6 (Ptr<Packet> packet, Ipv6Header header, uint16_t port, Ptr<Ipv6Interface> incomingInterface);
737  virtual void DoForwardUp (Ptr<Packet> packet, const Address &fromAddress,
738  const Address &toAddress);
749  void ForwardIcmp (Ipv4Address icmpSource, uint8_t icmpTtl, uint8_t icmpType, uint8_t icmpCode, uint32_t icmpInfo);
760  void ForwardIcmp6 (Ipv6Address icmpSource, uint8_t icmpTtl, uint8_t icmpType, uint8_t icmpCode, uint32_t icmpInfo);
770  uint32_t SendPendingData (bool withAck = false);
781  virtual uint32_t SendDataPacket (SequenceNumber32 seq, uint32_t maxSize, bool withAck);
788  virtual void SendEmptyPacket (uint8_t flags);
793  void SendRST (void);
802  bool OutOfRange (SequenceNumber32 head, SequenceNumber32 tail) const;
805  // Helper functions: Connection close
812  int DoClose (void);
817  void CloseAndNotify (void);
825  void Destroy (void);
833  void Destroy6 (void);
838  void DeallocateEndPoint (void);
846  void PeerClose (Ptr<Packet> p, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
851  void DoPeerClose (void);
856  void CancelAllTimers (void);
861  void TimeWait (void);
863  // State transition functions
873  void ProcessEstablished (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader); // Received a packet upon ESTABLISHED state
883  void ProcessListen (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader,
884  const Address& fromAddress, const Address& toAddress);
892  void ProcessSynSent (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
902  void ProcessSynRcvd (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader,
903  const Address& fromAddress, const Address& toAddress);
911  void ProcessWait (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
919  void ProcessClosing (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
927  void ProcessLastAck (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
929  // Window management
938  virtual uint32_t UnAckDataCount (void) const;
947  virtual uint32_t BytesInFlight (void) const;
953  virtual uint32_t Window (void) const;
959  virtual uint32_t AvailableWindow (void) const;
967  virtual uint16_t AdvertisedWindowSize (bool scale = true) const;
981  void UpdateWindowSize (const TcpHeader& header);
984  // Manage data tx/rx
990  virtual Ptr<TcpSocketBase> Fork (void);
997  virtual void ReceivedAck (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
1007  virtual void ProcessAck (const SequenceNumber32 &ackNumber, bool scoreboardUpdated,
1008  uint32_t currentDelivered, const SequenceNumber32 &oldHeadSequence);
1015  virtual void ReceivedData (Ptr<Packet> packet, const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
1021  virtual void EstimateRtt (const TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
1031  virtual void UpdateRttHistory (const SequenceNumber32 &seq, uint32_t sz,
1032  bool isRetransmission);
1039  virtual void NewAck (SequenceNumber32 const& seq, bool resetRTO);
1046  void DupAck (uint32_t currentDelivered);
1053  void EnterCwr (uint32_t currentDelivered);
1060  void EnterRecovery (uint32_t currentDelivered);
1065  virtual void ReTxTimeout (void);
1070  virtual void DelAckTimeout (void);
1075  virtual void LastAckTimeout (void);
1080  virtual void PersistTimeout (void);
1086  void DoRetransmit (void);
1095  void AddOptions (TcpHeader& tcpHeader);
1105  void ReadOptions (const TcpHeader &tcpHeader, uint32_t *bytesSacked);
1113  bool IsTcpOptionEnabled (uint8_t kind) const;
1123  void ProcessOptionWScale (const Ptr<const TcpOption> option);
1132  void AddOptionWScale (TcpHeader& header);
1141  uint8_t CalculateWScale () const;
1159  uint32_t ProcessOptionSack(const Ptr<const TcpOption> option);
1166  void AddOptionSackPermitted (TcpHeader &header);
1173  void AddOptionSack (TcpHeader& header);
1185  void ProcessOptionTimestamp (const Ptr<const TcpOption> option,
1186  const SequenceNumber32 &seq);
1195  void AddOptionTimestamp (TcpHeader& header);
1206  static uint32_t SafeSubtraction (uint32_t a, uint32_t b);
1211  void NotifyPacingPerformed (void);
1217  bool IsPacingEnabled (void) const;
1222  void UpdatePacingRate (void);
1228  void AddSocketTags (const Ptr<Packet> &p) const;
1235  uint32_t GetRWnd (void) const;
1242  SequenceNumber32 GetHighRxAck (void) const;
1244 protected:
1245  // Counters and events
1252  // ACK management
1253  uint32_t m_dupAckCount {0};
1254  uint32_t m_delAckCount {0};
1255  uint32_t m_delAckMaxCount {0};
1257  // Nagle algorithm
1258  bool m_noDelay {false};
1260  // Retries
1261  uint32_t m_synCount {0};
1262  uint32_t m_synRetries {0};
1263  uint32_t m_dataRetrCount {0};
1264  uint32_t m_dataRetries {0};
1266  // Timeouts
1274  // History of RTT
1275  std::deque<RttHistory> m_history;
1277  // Connections to other layers of TCP/IP
1287  // Tx buffer management
1290  // State-related attributes
1292  mutable enum SocketErrno m_errno {ERROR_NOTERROR};
1293  bool m_closeNotified {false};
1294  bool m_closeOnEmpty {false};
1295  bool m_shutdownSend {false};
1296  bool m_shutdownRecv {false};
1297  bool m_connected {false};
1298  double m_msl {0.0};
1300  // Window management
1301  uint16_t m_maxWinSize {0};
1309  // Options
1310  bool m_sackEnabled {true};
1311  bool m_winScalingEnabled {true};
1312  uint8_t m_rcvWindShift {0};
1313  uint8_t m_sndWindShift {0};
1314  bool m_timestampEnabled {true};
1315  uint32_t m_timestampToEcho {0};
1319  // Fast Retransmit and Recovery
1321  bool m_recoverActive {false};
1322  uint32_t m_retxThresh {3};
1325  bool m_limitedTx {true};
1327  // Transmission Control Block
1333  // Guesses over the other connection end
1334  bool m_isFirstPartialAck {true};
1336  // The following two traces pass a packet with a TCP header
1343  // Pacing related variable
1346  // Parameters related to Explicit Congestion Notification
1350 };
1360  const TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t newValue);
1370  const TcpSocketState::EcnState_t newValue);
1372 } // namespace ns3
1374 #endif /* TCP_SOCKET_BASE_H */
TracedCallback< SequenceNumber32, SequenceNumber32 > m_highTxMarkTrace
Callback pointer for high tx mark chaining.
void SetCongestionControlAlgorithm(Ptr< TcpCongestionOps > algo)
Install a congestion control algorithm on this socket.
void PeerClose(Ptr< Packet > p, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received a FIN from peer, notify rx buffer.
bool m_limitedTx
perform limited transmit
void ProcessListen(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader, const Address &fromAddress, const Address &toAddress)
Received a packet upon LISTEN state.
TracedValue< uint32_t > m_advWnd
Advertised Window size.
virtual void SetInitialCwnd(uint32_t cwnd)
Set the initial Congestion Window.
virtual int Listen(void)
Listen for incoming connections.
Simulation virtual time values and global simulation resolution.
Definition: nstime.h:103
Packet header for IPv6.
Definition: ipv6-header.h:34
Parameter value related to ECN enable/disable functionality similar to sysctl for tcp_ecn...
virtual bool GetTcpNoDelay(void) const
Check if Nagle&#39;s algorithm is enabled or not.
void ProcessWait(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received a packet upon CLOSE_WAIT, FIN_WAIT_1, FIN_WAIT_2.
uint32_t m_dataRetries
Number of data retransmission attempts.
virtual void SetInitialSSThresh(uint32_t threshold)
Set the initial Slow Start Threshold.
Callback template class.
Definition: callback.h:1278
bool m_noDelay
Set to true to disable Nagle&#39;s algorithm.
virtual uint32_t SendDataPacket(SequenceNumber32 seq, uint32_t maxSize, bool withAck)
Extract at most maxSize bytes from the TxBuffer at sequence seq, add the TCP header, and send to TcpL4Protocol.
A simple virtual Timer class.
Definition: timer.h:73
virtual Time GetPersistTimeout(void) const
Get the timeout for persistent connection.
(abstract) base class of all TcpSockets
Definition: tcp-socket.h:47
Ipv4EndPoint * m_endPoint
the IPv4 endpoint
TracedCallback< DataRate, DataRate > m_pacingRateTrace
Callback pointer for pacing rate trace chaining.
virtual ~TcpSocketBase(void)
uint32_t m_dataRetrCount
Count of remaining data retransmission attempts.
uint32_t m_synRetries
Number of connection attempts.
TracedValue< SequenceNumber32 > m_highRxAckMark
Highest ack received.
virtual int ShutdownRecv(void)
Create an unbound TCP socket.
void SetClockGranularity(Time clockGranularity)
Sets the Clock Granularity (used in RTO calcs).
EventId m_retxEvent
Retransmission event.
Ptr< Packet > Recv(void)
Read a single packet from the socket.
Definition: socket.cc:175
void ForwardUp6(Ptr< Packet > packet, Ipv6Header header, uint16_t port, Ptr< Ipv6Interface > incomingInterface)
Called by the L3 protocol when it received a packet to pass on to TCP.
void ProcessOptionSackPermitted(const Ptr< const TcpOption > option)
Read the SACK PERMITTED option.
Forward calls to a chain of Callback.
virtual void SetPersistTimeout(Time timeout)
Set the timeout for persistent connection.
virtual int Send(Ptr< Packet > p, uint32_t flags)
Send data (or dummy data) to the remote host.
EventId m_timewaitEvent
TIME_WAIT expiration event: Move this socket to CLOSED state.
void UpdateEcnState(TcpSocketState::EcnState_t oldValue, TcpSocketState::EcnState_t newValue)
Callback function to hook to EcnState state.
uint32_t GetRetxThresh(void) const
Get the retransmission threshold (dup ack threshold for a fast retransmit)
virtual uint32_t GetSndBufSize(void) const
Get the send buffer size.
uint8_t ClearEcnBits(uint8_t tos) const
Clears ECN bits from TOS.
static TypeId GetTypeId(void)
Get the type ID.
uint8_t MarkEcnCodePoint(const uint8_t tos, const TcpSocketState::EcnCodePoint_t codePoint) const
mark ECN code point
void ProcessOptionTimestamp(const Ptr< const TcpOption > option, const SequenceNumber32 &seq)
Process the timestamp option from other side.
void SetUseEcn(TcpSocketState::UseEcn_t useEcn)
Set ECN mode of use on the socket.
virtual Time GetDelAckTimeout(void) const
Get the time to delay an ACK.
void UpdateHighTxMark(SequenceNumber32 oldValue, SequenceNumber32 newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState high tx mark.
void SendRST(void)
Send reset and tear down this socket.
virtual uint32_t GetDelAckMaxCount(void) const
Get the number of packet to fire an ACK before delay timeout.
Ptr< TcpSocketState > m_tcb
Congestion control information.
virtual void ProcessAck(const SequenceNumber32 &ackNumber, bool scoreboardUpdated, uint32_t currentDelivered, const SequenceNumber32 &oldHeadSequence)
Process a received ack.
bool m_winScalingEnabled
Window Scale option enabled (RFC 7323)
bool m_timestampEnabled
Timestamp option enabled.
Timer m_pacingTimer
Pacing Event.
uint16_t m_maxWinSize
Maximum window size to advertise.
bool retx
True if this has been retransmitted.
virtual void NewAck(SequenceNumber32 const &seq, bool resetRTO)
Update buffers w.r.t.
Callback< void, Ipv4Address, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint32_t > m_icmpCallback
ICMP callback.
void CancelAllTimers(void)
Cancel all timer when endpoint is deleted.
uint32_t count
Number of bytes sent.
Time m_cnTimeout
Timeout for connection retry.
virtual Time GetConnTimeout(void) const
Get the connection timeout.
EventId m_lastAckEvent
Last ACK timeout event.
void ConnectionSucceeded(void)
Schedule-friendly wrapper for Socket::NotifyConnectionSucceeded()
TracedValue< SequenceNumber32 > m_ecnCESeq
Sequence number of the last received Congestion Experienced.
virtual void ReceivedAck(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received an ACK packet.
ns3::Time timeout
void AddSocketTags(const Ptr< Packet > &p) const
Add Tags for the Socket.
void(* TcpTxRxTracedCallback)(const Ptr< const Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &header, const Ptr< const TcpSocketBase > socket)
TracedCallback signature for tcp packet transmission or reception events.
virtual uint32_t GetInitialSSThresh(void) const
Get the initial Slow Start Threshold.
virtual uint32_t BytesInFlight(void) const
Return total bytes in flight.
Enumeration of the possible errors returned by a socket.
Definition: socket.h:82
void DoPeerClose(void)
FIN is in sequence, notify app and respond with a FIN.
TracedCallback< TcpSocketState::EcnState_t, TcpSocketState::EcnState_t > m_ecnStateTrace
Callback pointer for ECN state trace chaining.
virtual void PersistTimeout(void)
Send 1 byte probe to get an updated window size.
virtual void SetSynRetries(uint32_t count)
Set the number of connection retries before giving up.
TracedValue< TcpStates_t > m_state
TCP state.
Time GetMinRto(void) const
Get the Minimum RTO.
uint32_t m_delAckMaxCount
Number of packet to fire an ACK before delay timeout.
uint16_t port
Definition: dsdv-manet.cc:45
a polymophic address class
Definition: address.h:90
void SetMinRto(Time minRto)
Sets the Minimum RTO.
uint32_t m_delAckCount
Delayed ACK counter.
SequenceNumber32 m_recover
Previous highest Tx seqnum for fast recovery (set it to initial seq number)
void ForwardIcmp6(Ipv6Address icmpSource, uint8_t icmpTtl, uint8_t icmpType, uint8_t icmpCode, uint32_t icmpInfo)
Called by the L3 protocol when it received an ICMPv6 packet to pass on to TCP.
virtual int Bind(void)
Allocate a local IPv4 endpoint for this socket.
void(* TcpCongStatesTracedValueCallback)(const TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t oldValue, const TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t newValue)
TracedValue Callback signature for TcpCongState_t.
Class for representing data rates.
Definition: data-rate.h:88
virtual bool GetAllowBroadcast(void) const
Query whether broadcast datagram transmissions are allowed.
static Time Max()
Maximum representable Time Not to be confused with Max(Time,Time).
Definition: nstime.h:283
virtual uint32_t GetRcvBufSize(void) const
Get the receive buffer size.
Packet header for IPv4.
Definition: ipv4-header.h:33
void UpdateBytesInFlight(uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState bytes inflight.
virtual enum SocketType GetSocketType(void) const
virtual void SetDataRetries(uint32_t retries)
Set the number of data transmission retries before giving up.
Ptr< TcpCongestionOps > m_congestionControl
Congestion control.
Ptr< TcpRateOps > m_rateOps
Rate operations.
Ptr< TcpRxBuffer > GetRxBuffer(void) const
Get a pointer to the Rx buffer.
bool CheckNoEcn(uint8_t tos) const
Checks if TOS has no ECN codepoints.
virtual int SendTo(Ptr< Packet > p, uint32_t flags, const Address &toAddress)
Send data to a specified peer.
uint8_t MarkEcnCe(uint8_t tos) const
Mark CE codepoint.
void UpdateCwnd(uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState congestion window.
bool IsTcpOptionEnabled(uint8_t kind) const
Return true if the specified option is enabled.
virtual uint32_t GetSegSize(void) const
Get the segment size.
virtual void EstimateRtt(const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Take into account the packet for RTT estimation.
virtual int GetSockName(Address &address) const
Get socket address.
Time time
Time this one was sent.
void ReadOptions(const TcpHeader &tcpHeader, uint32_t *bytesSacked)
Read TCP options before Ack processing.
virtual void UpdateRttHistory(const SequenceNumber32 &seq, uint32_t sz, bool isRetransmission)
Update the RTT history, when we send TCP segments.
Ptr< TcpTxBuffer > m_txBuffer
Tx buffer.
void ForwardUp(Ptr< Packet > packet, Ipv4Header header, uint16_t port, Ptr< Ipv4Interface > incomingInterface)
Called by the L3 protocol when it received a packet to pass on to TCP.
bool OutOfRange(SequenceNumber32 head, SequenceNumber32 tail) const
Check if a sequence number range is within the rx window.
bool IsPacingEnabled(void) const
Return true if packets in the current window should be paced.
virtual uint32_t Window(void) const
Return the max possible number of unacked bytes.
void UpdateWindowSize(const TcpHeader &header)
Update the receiver window (RWND) based on the value of the window field in the header.
void AddOptionTimestamp(TcpHeader &header)
Add the timestamp option to the header.
SequenceNumber32 m_highTxAck
Highest ack sent.
TracedCallback< uint32_t, uint32_t > m_cWndTrace
Callback pointer for cWnd trace chaining.
Ipv6EndPoint * m_endPoint6
the IPv6 endpoint
virtual void BindToNetDevice(Ptr< NetDevice > netdevice)
Bind a socket to specific device.
virtual uint32_t GetSynRetries(void) const
Get the number of connection retries before giving up.
void SetPacingStatus(bool pacing)
Enable or disable pacing.
std::deque< RttHistory > m_history
List of sent packet.
virtual enum SocketErrno GetErrno(void) const
Get last error number.
virtual bool SetAllowBroadcast(bool allowBroadcast)
Configure whether broadcast datagram transmissions are allowed.
void SetRetxThresh(uint32_t retxThresh)
Set the retransmission threshold (dup ack threshold for a fast retransmit)
virtual void SetTcpNoDelay(bool noDelay)
Enable/Disable Nagle&#39;s algorithm.
Ptr< TcpRecoveryOps > m_recoveryOps
Recovery Algorithm.
RttHistory(SequenceNumber32 s, uint32_t c, Time t)
Constructor - builds an RttHistory with the given parameters.
void NotifyPacingPerformed(void)
Notify Pacing.
void UpdateCongState(TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t oldValue, TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState congestion state.
virtual uint32_t GetRxAvailable(void) const
Return number of bytes which can be returned from one or multiple calls to Recv.
A base class for implementation of a stream socket using TCP.
Ptr< RttEstimator > m_rtt
Round trip time estimator.
bool m_closeNotified
Told app to close socket.
void ProcessSynSent(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received a packet upon SYN_SENT.
static uint32_t SafeSubtraction(uint32_t a, uint32_t b)
Performs a safe subtraction between a and b (a-b)
int SetupCallback(void)
Common part of the two Bind(), i.e.
virtual void SetTcp(Ptr< TcpL4Protocol > tcp)
Set the associated TCP L4 protocol.
bool m_isFirstPartialAck
First partial ACK during RECOVERY.
Ptr< TcpL4Protocol > m_tcp
the associated TCP L4 protocol
void SetRecoveryAlgorithm(Ptr< TcpRecoveryOps > recovery)
Install a recovery algorithm on this socket.
void ProcessSynRcvd(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader, const Address &fromAddress, const Address &toAddress)
Received a packet upon SYN_RCVD.
Ptr< TcpTxBuffer > GetTxBuffer(void) const
Get a pointer to the Tx buffer.
uint32_t GetRWnd(void) const
Get the current value of the receiver&#39;s offered window (RCV.WND)
virtual int ShutdownSend(void)
uint32_t m_retxThresh
Fast Retransmit threshold.
Definition of the Congestion state machine.
void SetPaceInitialWindow(bool paceWindow)
Enable or disable pacing of the initial window.
This policy cancels the event from the destructor of the Timer or from Suspend(). ...
Definition: timer.h:93
virtual void SetDelAckMaxCount(uint32_t count)
Set the number of packet to fire an ACK before delay timeout.
virtual uint32_t GetTxAvailable(void) const
Returns the number of bytes which can be sent in a single call to Send.
int DoConnect(void)
Perform the real connection tasks: Send SYN if allowed, RST if invalid.
virtual void CompleteFork(Ptr< Packet > p, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader, const Address &fromAddress, const Address &toAddress)
Complete a connection by forking the socket.
void AddOptions(TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Add options to TcpHeader.
void UpdateNextTxSequence(SequenceNumber32 oldValue, SequenceNumber32 newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState next tx sequence.
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
uint32_t m_dupAckCount
Dupack counter.
void UpdateRtt(Time oldValue, Time newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState rtt.
Ptr< Node > m_node
the associated node
virtual uint32_t AvailableWindow(void) const
Return unfilled portion of window.
Definition: first.py:44
void TimeWait(void)
Move from CLOSING or FIN_WAIT_2 to TIME_WAIT state.
Header for the Transmission Control Protocol.
Definition: tcp-header.h:44
virtual void SetNode(Ptr< Node > node)
Set the associated node.
virtual uint32_t GetDataRetries(void) const
Get the number of data transmission retries before giving up.
TracedCallback< uint32_t, uint32_t > m_bytesInFlightTrace
Callback pointer for bytesInFlight trace chaining.
uint32_t ProcessOptionSack(const Ptr< const TcpOption > option)
Read the SACK option.
void AddOptionSackPermitted(TcpHeader &header)
Add the SACK PERMITTED option to the header.
bool m_recoverActive
Whether "m_recover" has been set/activated It is used to avoid comparing with the old m_recover value...
void Destroy(void)
Kill this socket by zeroing its attributes (IPv4)
SequenceNumber32 GetHighRxAck(void) const
Get the current value of the receiver&#39;s highest (in-sequence) sequence number acked.
virtual int Connect(const Address &address)
Initiate a connection to a remote host.
void EnterCwr(uint32_t currentDelivered)
Enter CA_CWR state upon receipt of an ECN Echo.
virtual int Close(void)
Close a socket.
void UpdateCwndInfl(uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState inflated congestion window.
TracedValue< SequenceNumber32 > m_ecnCWRSeq
Sequence number of the last sent CWR.
virtual void SetRtt(Ptr< RttEstimator > rtt)
Set the associated RTT estimator.
virtual TypeId GetInstanceTypeId() const
Get the instance TypeId.
double m_msl
Max segment lifetime.
virtual void ReTxTimeout(void)
An RTO event happened.
Time m_minRto
minimum value of the Retransmit timeout
bool CheckEcnEct0(uint8_t tos) const
Checks for ECT(0) codepoint.
virtual void SendEmptyPacket(uint8_t flags)
Send a empty packet that carries a flag, e.g., ACK.
Time m_delAckTimeout
Time to delay an ACK.
virtual int GetPeerName(Address &address) const
Get the peer address of a connected socket.
Socket is finished.
Definition: tcp-socket.h:66
virtual Ptr< Packet > RecvFrom(uint32_t maxSize, uint32_t flags, Address &fromAddress)
Read a single packet from the socket and retrieve the sender address.
virtual void SetSndBufSize(uint32_t size)
Set the send buffer size.
virtual void SetDelAckTimeout(Time timeout)
Set the time to delay an ACK.
void DeallocateEndPoint(void)
Deallocate m_endPoint and m_endPoint6.
Describes an IPv6 address.
Definition: ipv6-address.h:49
Ipv4 addresses are stored in host order in this class.
Definition: ipv4-address.h:41
void ProcessEstablished(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received a packet upon ESTABLISHED state.
ECN code points.
General infrastructure for TCP testing.
void ProcessOptionWScale(const Ptr< const TcpOption > option)
Read and parse the Window scale option.
bool m_connected
Connection established.
TracedValue< Time > m_rto
Retransmit timeout.
bool CheckEcnCe(uint8_t tos) const
Checks for CE codepoint.
An identifier for simulation events.
Definition: event-id.h:53
Helper class to store RTT measurements.
uint8_t m_rcvWindShift
Window shift to apply to outgoing segments.
virtual uint16_t AdvertisedWindowSize(bool scale=true) const
The amount of Rx window announced to the peer.
int DoClose(void)
Close a socket by sending RST, FIN, or FIN+ACK, depend on the current state.
SequenceNumber32 seq
First sequence number in packet sent.
void DupAck(uint32_t currentDelivered)
Dupack management.
TracedValue< SequenceNumber32 > m_ecnEchoSeq
Sequence number of the last received ECN Echo.
Time Seconds(double value)
Construct a Time in the indicated unit.
Definition: nstime.h:1289
A representation of an IPv6 endpoint/connection.
bool m_sackEnabled
RFC SACK option enabled.
uint32_t m_timestampToEcho
Timestamp to echo.
uint32_t m_synCount
Count of remaining connection retries.
void UpdatePacingRateTrace(DataRate oldValue, DataRate newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState pacing rate.
void AddOptionSack(TcpHeader &header)
Add the SACK option to the header.
TracedValue< SequenceNumber32 > m_highRxMark
Highest seqno received.
void ProcessLastAck(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received a packet upon LAST_ACK.
TracedCallback< Time, Time > m_lastRttTrace
Callback pointer for RTT trace chaining.
void UpdateSsThresh(uint32_t oldValue, uint32_t newValue)
Callback function to hook to TcpSocketState slow start threshold.
virtual void SetSegSize(uint32_t size)
Set the segment size.
void ProcessClosing(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Received a packet upon CLOSING.
Time GetClockGranularity(void) const
Get the Clock Granularity (used in RTO calcs).
uint8_t MarkEcnEct1(uint8_t tos) const
Mark ECT(1) codepoint.
virtual uint32_t GetInitialCwnd(void) const
Get the initial Congestion Window.
virtual void ReceivedData(Ptr< Packet > packet, const TcpHeader &tcpHeader)
Recv of a data, put into buffer, call L7 to get it if necessary.
void CloseAndNotify(void)
Peacefully close the socket by notifying the upper layer and deallocate end point.
Callback< void, Ipv6Address, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint32_t > m_icmpCallback6
ICMPv6 callback.
virtual void SetRcvBufSize(uint32_t size)
Set the receive buffer size.
virtual Ptr< Node > GetNode(void) const
Return the node this socket is associated with.
bool m_shutdownRecv
Receive no longer allowed.
TracedCallback< uint32_t, uint32_t > m_ssThTrace
Callback pointer for ssTh trace chaining.
EventId m_sendPendingDataEvent
micro-delay event to send pending data
bool IsValidTcpSegment(const SequenceNumber32 seq, const uint32_t tcpHeaderSize, const uint32_t tcpPayloadSize)
Checks whether the given TCP segment is valid or not.
uint32_t SendPendingData(bool withAck=false)
Send as much pending data as possible according to the Tx window.
virtual void DelAckTimeout(void)
Action upon delay ACK timeout, i.e.
virtual void LastAckTimeout(void)
Timeout at LAST_ACK, close the connection.
void(* EcnStatesTracedValueCallback)(const TcpSocketState::EcnState_t oldValue, const TcpSocketState::EcnState_t newValue)
TracedValue Callback signature for ECN state trace.
uint8_t CalculateWScale() const
Calculate window scale value based on receive buffer space.
uint32_t m_bytesAckedNotProcessed
Bytes acked, but not processed.
virtual int Bind6(void)
Allocate a local IPv6 endpoint for this socket.
TracedCallback< SequenceNumber32, SequenceNumber32 > m_nextTxSequenceTrace
Callback pointer for next tx sequence chaining.
TracedCallback< uint32_t, uint32_t > m_cWndInflTrace
Callback pointer for cWndInfl trace chaining.
void EnterRecovery(uint32_t currentDelivered)
Enter the CA_RECOVERY, and retransmit the head.
Enumeration of the possible socket types.
Definition: socket.h:104
EventId m_delAckEvent
Delayed ACK timeout event.
a unique identifier for an interface.
Definition: type-id.h:58
uint8_t m_sndWindShift
Window shift to apply to incoming segments.
bool m_shutdownSend
Send no longer allowed.
virtual uint32_t UnAckDataCount(void) const
Return count of number of unacked bytes.
virtual Ptr< TcpSocketBase > Fork(void)
Call CopyObject<> to clone me.
int SetupEndpoint6(void)
Configure the endpoint v6 to a local address.
Time m_clockGranularity
Clock Granularity used in RTO calcs.
void ForwardIcmp(Ipv4Address icmpSource, uint8_t icmpTtl, uint8_t icmpType, uint8_t icmpCode, uint32_t icmpInfo)
Called by the L3 protocol when it received an ICMP packet to pass on to TCP.
TracedValue< uint32_t > m_rWnd
Receiver window (RCV.WND in RFC793)
TracedCallback< Ptr< const Packet >, const TcpHeader &, Ptr< const TcpSocketBase > > m_rxTrace
Trace of received packets.
virtual void DoForwardUp(Ptr< Packet > packet, const Address &fromAddress, const Address &toAddress)
Called by TcpSocketBase::ForwardUp{,6}().
void UpdatePacingRate(void)
Dynamically update the pacing rate.
void DoRetransmit(void)
Retransmit the first segment marked as lost, without considering available window nor pacing...
bool m_closeOnEmpty
Close socket upon tx buffer emptied.
TracedCallback< Ptr< const Packet >, const TcpHeader &, Ptr< const TcpSocketBase > > m_txTrace
Trace of transmitted packets.
void AddOptionWScale(TcpHeader &header)
Add the window scale option to the header.
A representation of an internet endpoint/connection.
virtual void SetConnTimeout(Time timeout)
Set the connection timeout.
EventId m_persistEvent
Persist event: Send 1 byte to probe for a non-zero Rx window.
int SetupEndpoint(void)
Configure the endpoint to a local address.
bool CheckEcnEct1(uint8_t tos) const
Checks for ECT(1) codepoint.
uint8_t MarkEcnEct0(uint8_t tos) const
Mark ECT(0) codepoint.
TracedCallback< TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t, TcpSocketState::TcpCongState_t > m_congStateTrace
Callback pointer for congestion state trace chaining.
void Destroy6(void)
Kill this socket by zeroing its attributes (IPv6)
Definition of the Ecn state machine.
Time m_persistTimeout
Time between sending 1-byte probes.