A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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file  uan-6lowpan-example.cc [code]
file  uan-cw-example.cc [code]
 This example showcases the "CW-MAC" described in System Design Considerations for Undersea Networks article in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communications 2008 by Nathan Parrish, Leonard Tracy and Sumit Roy.
file  uan-cw-example.h [code]
file  uan-ipv4-example.cc [code]
file  uan-ipv6-example.cc [code]
file  uan-raw-example.cc [code]
file  uan-rc-example.cc [code]
 This example uses UanMacRc and UanMacRcGw which combined form a system using what is referred to as RC-MAC.
file  uan-rc-example.h [code]