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The 2009 Workshop on ns-3 was held in conjunction with SIMUTools 2009 in Rome, Italy. The workshop program consisted of a morning tutorial session followed by an afternoon of short talks. This page archives the presentation materials from those talks.

  • Focus on ns-3 WiFi
    • Ruben Merz, Cigdem Sengul, and Mustafa Al-Bado, Accurate Physical Layer Modeling for Realistic Wireless Network Simulation
    • Timo Bingmann and Jens Mittag, An overview of PHY-layer models in ns-3, (ppt)
    • Mirko Banchi, Realization of 802.11n and 802.11e models, (pdf)
    • Kirill V. Andreev, Realization of the draft standard for Mesh Networking (IEEE802.11s), (ppt)
    • Guangyu Pei and Tom Henderson, 802.11b PHY models and validation, (pdf)
  • Miscellaneous topics
    • Ramon Bauza, Miguel Sepulcre, and Javier Gozalvez, ns-3 scalability constraints in heterogeneous wireless simulations: iTETRIS a case study, (pdf)
    • Francisco Carmona, Juan Carlos Moreno, Ana Cabello, Francisco Lobo, and David Mora, ns-3 Script Generator, (ppt)
    • Mohamed Amine Ismail, A Mobile WiMAX Module for ns-3, (pdf)