Longtime ns-3 contributor Dizhi Zhou has authored a new ns-3 book in Chinese; the English name of the book is “Open Source Network Simulator ns-3 - Architect and Practice”. Following a quick start overview of writing and running ns-3 simulations, this book covers ns-3 from the ground up, describing the enhancements to and design patterns of the C++ language used by ns-3, including memory management, management of default configuration values in the simulator, and a dynamic type system. Upon this basis, the models for the various protocol layers in ns-3, starting from the application layer and ending at the wireless layers, are outlined. In the remaining chapters, the reader is introduced to a framework for data collection and statistics, extensions to allow ns-3 simulations to interact with the outside world, ns-3 packet structure and a sampling of related projects. The book can be purchased at JD and Taobao.