The ns-3.30 release is now available, due to contributions from twenty-eight authors. ns-3.30 is the first mainline release in nearly a year, and contains refactoring and enhancements of the wifi and lte modules to support the emerging models (under current development) of 802.11ax and 5G NR, respectively. The following additional features may be found in the release:

  • Radio Link Failure (RLF) functionality for LTE is now supported.
  • Cobalt queue disc model for traffic control
  • Wi-Fi preamble detection can now be modelled and is enabled by default.
  • 802.11ax spatial reuse features are now supported.
  • LTE/EPC model enhanced with new features: SGW, PGW, MME are full nodes; new S5 interface between SGW and PGW, allows simulations with multiple SGW/PGW
  • LTE eNB RRC extended to support improved S1 signalling model
  • LTE backhaul links can now use any link technology, not just point-to-point
  • ShowProgress object can be used to report on simulation execution Additional new modules compatible with this release have been published in the ns-3 app store. Finally, the release includes numerous bug fixes and small improvements, listed in the RELEASE_NOTES.