The ns-3.31 release is now available, due to contributions from forty-eight authors. ns-3.31 is the first mainline release in nearly a year, and contains several new features, including:

  • Models for pathloss, chanel condition, fast fading, and antenna arrays based on the 3GPP TR 38.901 model
  • A Data Center TCP (DCTCP) model
  • A random walk mobility model that does not allow nodes to enter buildings
  • A new interface to SQLite
  • Support for the Cake set-associative hash for the FqCoDel queue disc
  • Support for ECN marking for CoDel and FqCoDel queue discs
  • A Wi-Fi Bianchi (saturation) example with a comparable MATLAB model
  • Improvements to idealized Wi-Fi rate control, and many PHY model improvements. Additional new modules compatible with this release have been published in the ns-3 app store. Finally, the release includes numerous bug fixes and small improvements, listed in the RELEASE_NOTES.