ns-3.14 was released on June 5, 2012. A significant amount of work went into the ns-3.14 release on several fronts:

  • The transport protocol implementations for IP have been refactored so that they can support IPv4 and IPv6 connections
  • The latest release of the LENA project has been incorporated. The LTE module has been reworked, with new LTE radio protocol models and an EPC data plane model. New propagation models (OkumuraHata, ITU-R P.1411, ITU-R P.1238), and a buildings pathloss model, have also been added. An antenna module, which includes different radiation pattern models, has been added.
  • The Random Early Detection (RED) queue model from ns-2 has been ported
  • A Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol model for IPv4 has been added
  • An alternative implementation of the Jakes propagation loss model was added, to include narrowband (or frequency non-selective) cases of multipath propagation
  • The netanim animator is now bundled with the release and has been added to the documentation