We’re pleased to announce that we have been awarded and have selected five student projects for the 2017 edition of Google Summer of Code.  The students and projects selected are:

  • Abhijith Anilkumar, “ns-3 App Store,” mentored by Tom Henderson
  • Shravya K.S., “Framework for TCP Prague simulations in ns-3,” mentored by Mohit Tahiliani
  • Alexander Krotov, “Enabling LTE CA handover to secondary cell,” mentored by Biljana Bojovic
  • Manoj Kumar Rana, “Mobile IPv6 Implementation with LTE support,” mentored by Tommaso Pecorella
  • Surya Seetharaman, “Implementation of Token Bucket Filter and Heavy-Hitter Filter in ns-3,” mentored by Stefano Avallone

This year’s application process was especially competitive, as 17 applicants successfully completed our application, and we received more worthy proposals than we could accommodate.  The projects selected were those that scored the best in overall application quality, alignment with available mentors, and open source track record including ns-3 experience.