This page lists some statistics about the project:

  • Number of publications involving ns-3: We do not maintain exact counts of publications, but instead list the ones we learn about on this page as we learn of them. But that list is only a subset; Google Scholar can be used to search for exhaustive lists of ns-3 publications, theses, technical reports, and references. A search of the results for 2016 alone (excluding patents and citations) yields over 2000 links (with some false positives). The IEEE digital library lists 113 ns-3 publications for 2016, and the ACM digital library lists 2272 publications.
  • ns-3-users group: As of February 2017, there were 7014 members of the ns-3-users group. The number of posts to the ns-3-users group can be viewed at this web page. In 2016, there were 9570 posts (averaging 26/day)..
  • ns-developers mailing list: The ns-developers mailing list is where software development discussions take place. As of February 2017, there were 1542 subscribers to this list, and there were 433 posts to the list in 2016.
  • Number of authors: As of ns-3.26 release, 198 people are listed as authors in the AUTHORS file.
  • Number of maintainers: ns-3 maintainers have responsibility and authority to oversee and maintain different portions of the codebase. As of ns-3.26 release, 23 people are listed as ns-3 maintainers.
  • Number of source downloads: Since 2009, we have logged the number of successful downloads of our released software. In 2016, ns-3 releases were downloaded approximately 72,000 times from the main web server.
  • Number of mercurial downloads: ns-3 developers and some users work off of the Mercurial repositories instead of the released versions. The project does not maintain statistics about the number of Mercurial downloads.