Accepted Papers

  • An XG-PON Module for the NS-3 Network Simulator
    Xiuchao Wu, Ken Brown, Cormac Sreenan, Pedro Alvarez, Marco Ruffini, Nicola Marchetti, David Payne and Linda Doyle.
  • DCE Cradle: Simulate Network Protocols with Real Stacks for Better Realism (pdf)
    Hajime Tazaki, Frederic Urbani and Thierry Turletti.
  • Implementation and Validation for LTE Downlink Schedulers
    Dizhi Zhou, Nicola Baldo and Marco Miozzo.
  • Integrating ns3 Model Construction, Description, Preprocessing, Execution, and Visualization (pdf)
    Peter Barnes, Betty Abelev, Eddy Banks, James Brase, David Jefferson, Sergei Nikolaev, Steven Smith and Ron Soltz.
  • Nano-Sim: simulating electromagnetic-based nanonetworks in the Network Simulator 3 (pdf)
    Giuseppe Piro, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, Gennaro Boggia and Pietro Camarda.
  • Replication of the Bursty Behavior of Indoor WLAN Channels
    David Gomez Fernandez, Ramón Agüero Calvo, Marta García-Arranz and Luis Muñoz Gutiérrez.
  • Simulating Large Topologies in ns-3 using BRITE and CUDA Driven Global Routing
    Brian Swenson and George Riley.
  • Simulation of 802.11 Radio-over-Fiber Networks using ns-3 (pptx)
    Sebastien Deronne, Veronique Moeyaert and Sebastien Bette.
  • TCP Westwood Protocol Implementation in ns-3
    Siddharth Gangadhar, Truc Anh Nguyen, Greeshma Umapathi and James Sterbenz.
  • Transactional Traffic Generator Implementation in ns-3
    Yufei Cheng, Egemen Çetinkaya and James Sterbenz.