Accepted papers

  • Implementation and Evaluation of WAVE 1609.4/802.11p in ns-3
    Junling Bu and Mingjian Liu.
  • Extensions to LTE Mobility Functions for ns-3
    Budiarto Herman, Nicola Baldo, Marco Miozzo, Manuel Requena and Jaime Ferragut.
  • A TCP CUBIC Implementation in ns-3
    Brett Levasseur, Mark Claypool and Robert Kinicki.
  • Reliable Communications over Wireless Mesh Networks with Inter and Intra-Flow Network Coding
    David Gomez Fernandez, Eduardo Rodríguez Maza, Ramon Aguero and Luis Munoz.
  • Implementing Explicit Congestion Notification in ns-3
    Brian Swenson and George Riley.
  • Experiences Porting a Radio Model to NS-3 from OPNET Modeler
    Alex White, Corwyn Miyagishima and Kenneth Renard.
  • Simulation Speedup of NS3 Using Checkpoint and Restore
    Kyle Harrigan and George Riley.
  • Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation of Smart Grid Applications using ns-3
    Muhammad Umer Tariq, Brian Paul Swenson, Arun Padmanabhan Narasimhan, Santiago Grijalva, George F. Riley and Marilyn Wolf. Awarded Best Paper!