The NS-3 Consortium is a collection of organizations cooperating to support and develop the ns-3 software. It operates in support of the open source project by providing a point of contact between industrial members and ns-3 developers, by sponsoring events in support of ns-3 such as users’ days and workshops, by guaranteeing maintenance support for ns-3’s core, and by supporting administrative activities necessary to conduct a large open source project.

Membership to the Consortium is open to those institutions that sign the membership agreement. The Consortium is overseen by a Steering Committee composed of individuals appointed by Executive Members of the Consortium. The Consortium is governed by an agreement established between the founding members: INRIA and the University of Washington.

The Consortium sponsors the ns-3 annual meeting including the Workshop on ns-3, which we are pleased to announce will be held on June 19, 2019, in Florence Italy, hosted by DINFO - UniFi.