Registration (link at bottom of this page) is being handled by the University of Washington Conference Services, on behalf of the ns-3 Consortium (the sponsor of the annual meeting). Registration fees cover the cost of holding the meeting, and any extra funding is provided to the the ns-3 Consortium for future use by the open source project.

The meeting will be hybrid; virtual attendees will be emailed a Zoom meeting link and passcode. In-person registration costs are higher than those for virtual registration due to the meeting food costs (breakfast and lunch will be provided).

There are two general categories of registration.

  • In-person: Select the days that you wish to attend; there are three choices and you may select any or all of them depending on your attendance plans: Monday ($100), Tuesday ($100), and Wednesday/Thursday (both days combined for $300).

  • Virtual: Virtual registration is split into two separate selections, in case some people do not want to attend all week: Monday/Tuesday (both days combined for $100) and Wednesday/Thursday (both days combined for $100). You may select either or both options.

Finally, for paper authors only, we ask that one registrant per paper select the author item ($100) as well, to help defray ACM publication costs.

For virtual attendees, discount registration (half-price– $50 per item) is available to attendees from a governmental facility (e.g. a national lab), academic institution, or other non-profit organization.

No registration is required to attend Friday activities (tentatively, a hackathon or code sprint, mainly for in-person attendees).

To register, please visit the UW registration site, create an IRIS account if needed, and select the appropriate registration items of interest. Regular registration is open through Monday June 12; late registration fees will apply after that date.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Tom Henderson.