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Location and Schedule

The meeting was held on Friday, May 15 at CTTC's facilities as part of the ns-3 annual meeting.


  1. Packaging and distribution. For a few release cycles now, there have been Debian/Ubuntu packages (most recently for ns-3.17:
    • What should we do to help downstream maintainers?
    • How to get bake/DCE into these?
    • How to allow such distributions to evolve?
    • What about Fedora/RHEL (which Vedran has raised in the past)?
    • What about distributing Docker containers and Live DVDs?
  2. Object stop/start and failure/repair Vedran will report on work to implement the stop/start and failure/repair models discussed last year (notes here).
  3. Documenting the maintenance status of our modules. We can do a better job documenting the scope and maintenance status (list of open bugs that users should be aware of) of our modules. Recent work on this regarding wifi could be extended to other modules-- need to discuss further with other maintainers.
  4. ns-3.24 Review possible work items and how to get them on a schedule for August 2014 ns-3.24 release.
  5. Git?
  6. Module status review. Review code status of modules, time and interest-permitting. What are people working on? What important bugs exist and need fixing? Outstanding code reviews?

Meeting Notes

Available from this link.