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The Release

This page summarizes the ongoing release planning for the third stable release of ns-3.

  • ns-3.3 was released on Thursday, December 18, 2008.

The Hot List

As I type this, it is December 19th and we shipped ns-3.3 yesterday. Thanks to everyone, especially those I may have offended by my lame attempts at humor.


  1. 250 Tcp breaks if you set the delackcount > 2 -- Fixed
  2. 341 Get unexpected dropped packets when using SetSendCallback with heavy traffic -- Priority Reduced
  3. 358 calling listen on non-closed TCP sockets sends resets, should fail and do nothing -- Fixed
  4. 365 TcpSocketImpl::Recv returns 0 without setting m_errno -- Fixed
  5. 392 Example star.cc confuses TCP -- Fixed
  6. 410 Doxygen is not picking up class OnOffHelper -- Fixed
  7. 411 OnOffApplication::OnTime does not work -- Fixed
  8. 417 stack explosion when sending to loopback device -- Fixed
  9. 418 RttEstimator::RetransmitTimeout can return a negative value -- Fixed
  10. 423 TCP copy constructor wrong -- Fixed


  1. 289 CommandLine::AddValue is not wrapped -- Fixed
  2. 325 regression code should be moved into regression/wscript -- Fixed
  3. 348 regression tests do not work in private or disconnected networks -- Fixed
  4. 387 Build fails with junk subdirectories in "scratch" directory -- Fixed
  5. 413 python bindings not portable to OS X -- Fixed


  1. 66 improve granularity of GlobalRouteManager::PopulateRoutes -- Fixed
  2. 114 global routing doesn't handle multi-hop layer-2 subnets -- Fixed
  3. 187 Need 'perfect' ARP -- Priority Reduced
  4. 215 Node names patch -- Priority Reduced
  5. 230 Simulator::Now() Updating and Simulator::Stop() -- Fixed
  6. 241 Trace sources not clearly documented, trace sinks not clearly documented -- Superceded
  7. 263 XxxAddress::ConvertFrom are prone to subtle bugs -- Won't Fix
  8. 383 Please make _all_ header structures public -- Fixed
  9. 391 Example csma-star kills global routing -- Fixed
  10. 401 add InternetStackHelper::EnableAscii () -- Fixed
  11. 404 ErrorModel attribute name is not consistent across devices -- Fixed
  12. 414 No ReceiveErrorModel in many devices -- Priority Reduced
  13. 416 pcap traces not always closing cleanly at simulation end -- Invalid
  14. 419 *Helper::SetAttribute* methods sometimes painful to use -- Priority Reduced
  15. 422 Emulation Needs a Manual Chapter -- Fixed
  16. 429 wifi-wired-bridging fails regression tests on Cygwin and OSX Intel -- Fixed
  17. 430 Doxygen warnings creeping back into system -- Fixed
  18. 431 wifi wired-bridging.cc memory leak reported in valgrind -- Fixed
  19. 439 second.cc and third.cc don't set CSMA data rate and delay -- Fixed
  20. 442 The device trace sources in the system are not very well documented -- Fixed
  21. 444 Inernet-stack trace sources not well documented -- Fixed
  22. 448 V4Ping Application Sends uint32_t Data in Host Order -- Fixed
  23. 450 Examples first, second, third need fixed seeds -- Fixed


  1. 188 global routing does not handle ip aliasing -- Priority Reduced
  2. 400 Wifi Muti-Hop Network not forwaring packets (atleast ARP) -- Fixed
  3. 403 Ipv4AddressHelper cannot assign /32 addresses -- Fixed
  4. 406 GlobalRouteManager behaviour after Ipv4 interface SetDown and SetUp procedure <- Fixed
  5. 407 OLSR may select wrong interface in MID context -- Priority Reduced
  6. 415 OLSR's broken dynamic behaviour? <-- Fixed
  7. 433 DataRate: kBps and kB/s have wrong multipliers. -- Fixed


  1. 218 wifi PHY base class must be virtualized and subclass renamed -- Fixed
  2. 257 log time printer, can we optionally support output of time in seconds? -- Fixed
  3. 395 log distance propagation loss model complex to use. -- Fixed
  4. 396 Weird WiFi error state with STA slowing approaching the wifi range of an AP -- Fixed
  5. 397 Custom WifiModes apparently not possible in infrastructure mode -- Priority Reduced
  6. 398 NqstaWifiMac does not filter received frames by BSSID -- Fixed
  7. 405 wifi log messages improvements -- Fixed
  8. 408 No duplicate filtering for managament frames -- Fixed
  9. 409 Simulation fails depending on number of wireless nodes -- Priority Reduced
  10. 412 Extend number of template parameters in xxxCallback classes -- Priority Reduced
  11. 435 yans wifi helper file names not consistent -- Fixed
  12. 436 class MatchContainer lacks Doxygen -- Fixed
  13. 440 Tutorial example third.cc no longer compiles, tutorial obsolete -- Fixed
  14. 441 double Time::GetSeconds() precision or roundingissue -- Fixed


  1. 320 getsockname returns a port number in network byte order -- Fixed
  2. 356 tcp-nsc-lfn fails with --valgrind selected -- Fixed
  3. 428 segfault in tcp-nsc-lfn -- Priority Reduced/Renamed

The Release Manager

Craig Dowell (craigdo at ee.washington.edu) is the release manager for ns-3.3 and is the contact for any release issues.

The ns-3.3 Release Schedule

ns-3 releases are based on date-driven schedules as opposed to feature-driven schedules. We decide on a release date and then the release manager works backward to define windows during which time certain activites related to the release can happen. This has been done for ns-3.3 and the important milestones are:

  1. September 22 -- ns-3.2 posted;
  2. September 22 -- ns-3.3 Open phase begins;
  3. October 20 -- Recommended cutoff for new feature submission;
  4. October 27 -- Deadline for new feature submissions that require design review;
  5. November 3 -- Approved new feature ready-for-merge deadline;
  6. November 3 -- Late merge period begins (Merge Week Begins);
  7. November 10 -- Late merge period ends;
  8. November 10 -- Open phase ends;
  9. November 10 -- Maintenance phase begins;
  10. December 1 -- Maintenance phase ends;
  11. December 1 -- Code freeze phase begins;
  12. December 2 -- ns-3.3-RC1;
  13. December 5 -- ns-3.3-RC2;
  14. December 9 -- ns-3.3-RC3;
  15. December 12 -- ns-3.3-RC4;
  16. December 16 -- ns-3.3-RC5;
  17. December 17 -- ns-3.3-RC6;
  18. December 18 -- ns-3.3 posted;
  19. December 18 -- Code freeze phase ends;
  20. December 18 -- ns-3.4 Open phase begins.

As described in the Roadmap there are three broad sections in the release schedule. During the open phase, people wanting to include a new feature in ns-3.3 should contact craigdo and arrange to have their features merged into ns-3-dev. You will be expected to provide the following:

  • A mercurial patch or bundle against the current version of ns-3-dev that contains your proposed feature addition. You need to make sure that I can apply this patch and build and run (debug and optimized as appropriate) all unit and regression tests sucessfully on all of our target machines;
  • A summary of the additions you are proposing and an explanation of any changes to existing code that had to be done in order to support your feature (this will be used to genenerate release notes and will be provided to maintainers if a code review is indicated);
  • Some kind of unit or regression test that I can use to determine if your feature is actually working at each stage of the integration.

I will take a quick look at your proposed addition and determine if a code review is required. According to the book of instructions a code review requiring positive acknowledgement by maintainers is indicated if:

  • Your proposed feature does not work with all models or on all platforms;
  • Your feature changes pre-existing APIs;
  • Your feature crosses maintainer boundaries.

Just to be safe, I will probably run a feature submission by at least one maintainer according to the general area of applicability of the feature. For example, if you submit an entirely new device driver model, as a courtesy I will run this submission by the maintainers of the current devices. The maintainers won't have any responsibility to positively ack the submission, but I will take some time to allow a reasonable review.

I will coordinate new feature merges beginning at the start of the open phase (September 22, 2008). The absolute final deadline for feature inclusion in ns-3.3 is the start of the "Late merge period." This is the time during which I merge the code from all of those people who have waited until the last minute and work out any system integration issues that pop up. If you miss the start of the late merge period, or have a feature that is not design-reviewed by the start of the late merge period, well, sorry. You get to wait until the ns-3.4 open period to try again.

The end of the late merge period coincides with the beginning of the maintenance phase. No new features may be added, but the maintainers may check in fixes to bugs; and people with new features that have been accepted and merged may fix bugs in existing features. Please don't try to sneak in more new features or you may have your whole feature set removed at the release manager's discretion. You can ask me if you want to add small, self-contained features, but there are no guarantees that I will okay them.

On December 1st, we are going to enter the code freeze phase. This indicates that we are in the final stages of the release and our primary goal is stability. During the code freeze phase, only P1 bugfixes will be allowed to be checked in. I will begin my daily annoying emails listing all of the priority one bugs that are outstanding. Our goal will be to reduce the number of P1 bugs to zero before the release of ns-3.3.

I reserve the right to veto (and remove) any new feature addition if it begins to cause problems and looks like it threatens the stability of the release at any time in the release process.

Candidates for Merge into ns-3.3

As you can see in the Roadmap, we have identified several candidates for inclusion in ns-3.3. As time passes, I will add more status regarding the progress of these new features.

  • IPv6 Address Support -- Merged
  • Emulation Mode Support -- Merged
  • ICMP Support -- Merged
  • Build System Refactoring -- Dropped from ns-3.3
  • IPv4/Routing Refactoring + Basic IPv6 Support -- Dropped from ns-3-3
  • Random Number Generator and RandomVariable Changes -- Dropped from ns-3.3

IPv6 Address Support

Status as of November 7, 2008

IPv6 Address Support merged into ns-3-dev.

Emulation Mode Support

Status as of November 5, 2008

Emulation Mode Support merged into ns-3-dev.

ICMP Support

Status as of October 29, 2008

ICMP Support merged into ns-3-dev.

Craigdo 18:43, 19 December 2008 (UTC)