A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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 NMRG32k3aNamespace for MRG32k3a implementation details
 Nns3Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace
 CAbstractAnimationInterfaceTestCaseAbstract Animation Interface Test Case
 CAcousticModemEnergyDepletionTestCaseAcoustic Modem Energy Depletion Test Case
 CAcousticModemEnergyTestCaseAcoustic Modem Energy Test Case
 CAddressAllocator6TestCaseIPv6 address allocator Test
 CAddressAllocatorHelperTestCaseIPv4 address allocator helper Test
 CAddressAllocatorTestCaseIPv4 address allocator Test
 CAddressCollision6TestCaseIPv6 address collision Test
 CAddressCollisionTestCaseIPv4 address collision Test
 CAmpduAggregationTestAmpdu Aggregation Test
 CAnimationInterfaceTestCaseAnimation Interface Test Case
 CAnimationInterfaceTestSuiteAnimation Interface Test Suite
 CAnimationRemainingEnergyTestCaseAnimation Remaining Energy Test Case
 CAnnexC_TestCaseThe Annex C of IEEE 1609.4 : "Avoiding transmission at scheduled guard intervals" This feature is implemented in WaveMacLow::StartTransmission method
 CAodvExampleTest script
 CAodvRegressionTestSuiteAODV regression test suite
 CAredQueueDiscTestCaseAred Queue Disc Test Case
 CAredQueueDiscTestItemAred Queue Disc Test Item
 CAredQueueDiscTestSuiteAred Queue Disc Test Suite
 CArray2D2D array used in nix-vector-routing example "nms-p2p-nix.cc"
 CArray3D3D array used in nix-vector-routing example "nms-p2p-nix.cc"
 CAsn1EncodingSuiteAsn1Encoding Test Suite
 CAttributeDescriptorDescriptor for an AttributeValue
 CBasicEnergyDepletionTestTest case of energy depletion handling for BasicEnergySource and WifiRadioEnergyModel
 CBasicEnergyUpdateTestTest case of update remaining energy for BasicEnergySource and WifiRadioEnergyModel
 CBatteryLifetimeTestThis example was originally devised as a test, then it was converted to an example
 CBenchBench class
 CBenchHeaderBenchHeader class used for benchmarking packet serialization/deserialization
 CBenchTagBenchTag class used for benchmarking packet serialization/deserialization
 CBlockAckTestSuiteBlock Ack Test Suite
 CBridgeTestIPv4 GlobalRouting Bridge test
 CBufferTestBuffer unit tests
 CBufferTestSuiteBuffer TestSuite
 CBug2222TestCaseMake sure that when virtual collision occurs the wifi remote station manager is triggered and the retry counter is increased
 CBug2483TestCaseMake sure that the correct channel width and center frequency have been set for OFDM basic rate transmissions and BSS channel widths larger than 20 MHz
 CBug2831TestCaseMake sure that the channel width and the channel number can be changed at runtime
 CBug730TestCaseMake sure that when changing the fragmentation threshold during the simulation, the TCP transmission does not unexpectedly stop
 CBug772ChainTestAODV deferred route lookup test case (see Bug 772)
 CBuildingDataData to construct a Building object
 CBuildingsPathlossTestSuiteTest 1.1 pathloss calculation
 CBuildingsShadowingTestSuiteTest shadowing calculation
 CBurstErrorModelSimpleBurstErrorModel unit tests
 CCarrierAggregationConfigTestCaseCarrier aggregation configuration test case
 CCarrierAggregationConfigTestSuiteCarrier aggregation configuration test suite
 CCarrierAggregationTestCaseThis system test program creates different test cases with a single eNB and several UEs, all having the same Radio Bearer specification
 CChainRegressionTestAODV chain regression test
 CChannelAccessManagerTestDcf Manager Test
 CChannelAccessTestCaseThis test case tests channel access assignments which is done by StartSch and StopSch method of WaveNetDevice
 CChannelCoordinationTestCaseThis test case tests the channel coordination
 CChannelRoutingTestCaseRoute packets or frames in different approaches see 1609.4-2010 chapter 5.3.4
 CCheckPointEventCheckPointEvent structure
 CClassicRecoveryTestClassic Recovery algorithm test
 CClassicRecoveryTestSuiteClassic Recovery TestSuite
 CCoDelQueueDiscBasicDropTest 5: enqueue/dequeue with drops according to CoDel algorithm
 CCoDelQueueDiscBasicEnqueueDequeueTest 1: simple enqueue/dequeue with no drops
 CCoDelQueueDiscBasicOverflowTest 2: enqueue with drops due to queue overflow
 CCoDelQueueDiscControlLawTestTest 4: ControlLaw unit test - test against explicit port of Linux implementation
 CCoDelQueueDiscNewtonStepTestTest 3: NewtonStep unit test - test against explicit port of Linux implementation
 CCodelQueueDiscTestItemCodel Queue Disc Test Item
 CCoDelQueueDiscTestSuiteCoDel Queue Disc Test Suite
 CConfigExampleExample class to demonstrate use of the ns-3 Config Store
 CConfigStoreHelperSimplifies config-store raw text load and save
 CConfigToCheckThis test suite verifies following two things:
 CCoordinationTestListenerCoordinationTestListener is used to test channel coordination events
 CCtrlBAckResponseHeaderTestTest for block ack header
 CDcfImmediateAccessBroadcastTestCaseMake sure that when multiple broadcast packets are queued on the same device in a short succession, that: 1) no backoff occurs if the frame arrives and the idle time >= DIFS or AIFSn (this is 'DCF immediate access', Figure 9-3 of IEEE 802.11-2012) 2) a backoff occurs for the second frame that arrives (this is clearly stated in Sec
 CDcfTestSuiteDcf Test Suite
 CDhcpTestCaseDHCP basic tests
 CDhcpTestSuiteDHCP TestSuite
 CDiffTestCaseTest case to make sure that the Pcap::Diff method works as expected
 CDot11sRegressionSuiteDot11s Regression Suite
 CDot11sTestSuiteDot11s Test Suite
 CDropTailQueueTestCaseDropTailQueue unit tests
 CDropTailQueueTestSuiteDropTail Queue TestSuite
 CDsaRequestTestCaseTest the DSA request message
 CDsdvHeaderTestCaseDSDV test case to verify the DSDV header
 CDsdvManetExampleDSDV Manet example
 CDsdvTableTestCaseDSDV routing table tests (adding and looking up routes)
 CDsdvTestSuiteDSDV test suite
 CDsrAckHeaderTestUnit test for ACK
 CDsrAckReqHeaderTestUnit test for ACK-REQ
 CDsrCacheEntryTestUnit test for DSR route cache entry
 CDsrFsHeaderTestUnit test for DSR Fixed Size Header
 CDsrHeaderHeader for Dsr Routing
 CDsrOptionRouteRequestHeaderHeader of Dsr Option Route Request
 CDsrRerrHeaderTestUnit test for RERR
 CDsrRrepHeaderTestUnit test for RREP
 CDsrRreqHeaderTestUnit test for RREQ
 CDsrRreqTableTestUnit test for DSR routing table entry
 CDsrSendBuffTestUnit test for Send Buffer
 CDsrSRHeaderTestUnit test for Source Route
 CDsrTestSuiteDSR test suite
 CDualStackTestCaseIPv6 dual stack Test
 CDummyCongControlBehaves as NewReno, except that each time PktsAcked is called, a notification is sent to TcpPktsAckedOpenTest