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The 2010 Workshop on ns-3 was held in conjunction with SIMUTools 2010 in Torremolinos, Malaga Spain. The morning session of the workshop was oriented around the topic of "Frameworks for ns-3", discussing extensions to ns-3 to support larger simulations (distributed and multicore simulations), supporting software (automation frameworks, animation), external interfaces (emulation), and real code integration. The first afternoon session discussed wireless topics. The second afternoon session discussed miscellaneous short talks. This page archives the presentation materials or abstracts from those talks.

  • Session 1: Frameworks for ns-3
    • Tom Henderson, Introduction, Agenda, Project News, slides (pdf)
    • Felipe Perrone, An Automation Framework for ns-3, slides (pdf)
    • George Riley, Animation in ns-3, slides (pdf)
    • Josh Pelkey, Distributed simulations with MPI, slides (pdf)
    • Guillaume Seguin (presented by Mathieu Lacage), Multithreaded Parallelization, slides (pdf)
  • Session 2: Emulation and real code
    • Mathieu Lacage, Application support in ns-3, slides (pdf)
    • Hajime Tazaki, Running code simulation with Zebra routing software, slides (pdf)
    • Tom Henderson, Virtual machines and ns-3, slides (pdf)
  • Session 3: Wireless
    • Hendrik vom Lehn, A Wi-Fi Emulation Framework for ns-3, slides (pdf)
    • Jens Mittag, Validation of the IEEE 802.11 Wifi implementation for OFDM-based communication, slides (pdf)
    • Nicola Baldo, Validation of IEEE 802.11 MAC model using the EXTREME testbed, slides (pdf)
    • Ismail Amine, An Improved IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Module for the NS-3 Simulator, slides (ppt)
    • Kirill Andreev, IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networking NS-3 Model, slides (pdf), paper (pdf)
    • Gary Pei and Tom Henderson, Wifi Phy validation, slides (pdf)
  • Session 4: Miscellaneous
    • Laurynas Riliskis, TinyOS in NS3, abstract (pdf)
    • Michael Nowatkowski, Simulation of Certificate Revocation List Distribution in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using ns-3, slides (pdf)
    • Fabian Mauchle, Simulating Mobile IPv6 with ns-3, no slides posted.
    • Juan Font, Articulating usage and promotion of ns-3 by student organizations in the context of the University of Seville, no slides posted.