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The ns-3.4 Release

This page summarizes the ongoing release planning for the Fourth stable release of ns-3.

The Release Manager

The release manager is Raj Bhattacharjea.

The ns-3.4 Release Schedule

ns-3 releases are based on date-driven schedules as opposed to feature-driven schedules. We decide on an approximate release date and then the release manager works backward to define windows during which time certain activites related to the release can happen. This was done for ns-3.3 and the important milestones for that release can be found here.

This is an approximate schedule, and is subject to change.

  1. December 17, 2008 -- ns-3.4 Open phase begins.
  2. January 20 -- Recommended cutoff for new feature submission;
  3. January 27 -- Deadline for new feature submissions that require design review;
  4. February 3 -- Approved new feature ready-for-merge deadline;
  5. February 3 -- Late merge period begins (Merge Week Begins);
  6. February 25 -- Late merge period ends;
  7. February 25 -- Open phase ends;
  8. February 25 -- Maintenance phase begins;
  9. March 18 -- Maintenance phase ends;
  10. March 18 -- Code freeze phase begins;
  11. March 20 -- ns-3.4-RC1;
  12. March 23 -- ns-3.4-RC2;
  13. March 27 -- ns-3.4-RC3;
  14. March 31 -- ns-3.4-RC4;
  15. April 1 -- ns-3.4 posted;
  16. April 1 -- Code freeze phase ends;
  17. April 1 -- ns-3.5 Open phase begins.

The ns-3.4 Bug List

Open Blockers

Targeted Fixes (Won't Block release)

Squashed Blockers

Squashed Targets

Candidates for Merge into ns-3.4

As you can see in the Roadmap, we have identified several candidates for inclusion in ns-3.4. As time passes and details become more evident, more status regarding the progress of these new features will be added.

Build System Refactoring (bug 434)

Random Number Generator and RandomVariable Changes.

  • Removal of static APIs for drawing random numbers
  • New seeding API separates seeding functionality into a separate class
  • Exposure of the run number and global seed to the attributes/config system
  • Status: Merged

Object Naming Feature with Attribute/Config Integration (bug 215)

Tap Net Device (emulation) Support

Ipv4 refactoring

Tracing Consistency (pcap model for devices) (bug 443)

New drop tail queue (Bug 457)

New Wifi AP Address Manager (Bug 471)

  • (bug 425,426 and others) TCP close behavior not standards conformant

future releases

  • JSON/RPC proposal
    • Seen some review on the list, seems like this incarnation isn't quite mature enough at this stage for ns-3.4
  • Additional IPv6 Support;
  • Perfect/Global ARP;
  • bug 231 Packet Tag Use Problems;
  • Packet Fragmentation;
  • Netfilter Hooks;
  • bug 190 : NS_LOG_APPEND_CONTEXT for the internet stack
  • bug 407 OLSR HNA support
  • bug 424 socket API
  • bug 341 setsendcallback problems

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