15th June (Wednesday), 2016

WNS3 Opening

8:30-9:30    Traffic control (session chair: Hajime Tazaki)

Design and implementation of the traffic control module in ns-3
Pasquale Imputato and Stefano Avallone (presentation slides)

Implementation and Evaluation of Proportional Integral controller Enhanced (PIE) Algorithm in ns-3
Mohit Tahiliani, Shravya K. S and Smriti Murali (presentation slides)

9:30-10:30     Congestion control (session chair: Hajime Tazaki)

An Implementation of Scalable, Vegas, Veno, and YeAH Congestion Control Algorithms in ns-3
Truc Anh Nguyen, Siddharth Gangadhar, Md Moshfequr Rahman and James Sterbenz

TCP Evaluation Suite for ns-3
Mohit Tahiliani, Dharmendra Kumar Mishra and Pranav Vankar (presentation slides)

10:30-11:00     Break

11:00-12:00    Frameworks for integrating ns-3 with SDN (session chair: Brian Swenson)

OFSwitch13: Enhancing ns-3 with OpenFlow 1.3 support
Luciano Jerez Chaves, Islene Calciolari Garcia and Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira (presentation slides) (author-prepared paper) (code)

Analysis of Programming Language Overhead in DCE
Jared Ivey and George Riley

12:00-13:00     Lunch

13:00-14:30     Wi-Fi (session chair: Brian Swenson)

Implementation and validation of an IEEE 802.11ah module for NS-3
Le Tian, Sébastien Deronne, Steven Latre and Jeroen Famaey (presentation slides) (author-prepared paper)

Implementation and Evaluation of a WLAN IEEE 802.11ad Model in NS-3
Hany Assasa and Joerg Widmer (presentation slides) (author-prepared paper) (code) (wiki page for code)

Investigation and Improvements to the Physical Layer Abstraction for Wi-Fi in ns-3
Hossein-Ali Safavi-Naeini, Farah Nadeem and Sumit Roy (presentation slides)

14:30 – 15:00     coffee break

15:00-16:30     Wireless (session chair: Lorenza Giupponi)

LL SimpleWireless: A Controlled MAC/PHY Wireless Model to Enable Network Protocol Research
Patricia Deutsch, Leonid Veyster and Bow-Nan Cheng  (presentation slides)

ns-3 based framework for simulating Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) systems
Abdulhalim Dandoush, Alina Tuholukova, Sara Alouf, Giovanni Neglia, Sebastien Simoens, Pascal Derouet and Pierre Dersin Note: Moved from Thursday morning session

A Framework for End-to-End Evaluation of 5G mmWave Cellular Networks in ns-3 
Russell Ford, Menglei Zhang, Sourjya Dutta, Marco Mezzavilla, Sundeep Rangan and Michele Zorzi

16:30-18:00     poster/demo session


16th June (Thursday), 2016

8:30-10:00     Models and Tools (session chair: Peter D. Barnes)

NS-3 Web-Based User Interface – Power Grid Communications Planning and Modeling Tool
Kurt Derr (presentation slides)

Getting Kodo: Network Coding for the ns-3 simulator
Nestor Hernandez, Morten Pedersen, Peter Vingelmann, Janus Heide, Daniel Lucani and Frank Fitzek

Improving ns-3 Emulation Performance for Fast Prototyping of Network Protocols
Helder Fontes, Tiago Cardoso and Manuel Ricardo

10:00-10:30     coffee break

10:30-12:00     Mobile Systems (session chair: George F Riley)

A Realistic MAC and Energy Model for 802.15.4
Vishwesh Rege and Tommaso Pecorella Note: Moved from Wednesday session

Implementation of 3D Obstacle Compliant Mobility Models for UAV networks in ns-3
Paulo Regis, Suman Bhunia and Shamik Sengupta

Topology Simulation for Aeronautical Communication Protocols with ns-3 and DCE
Andreas Lehmann, Matthias Kreuzer, Jörg Deutschmann, Ulrich Berold and Johannes Huber